Soros funds new anti-Trump Coronavirus ads in swing states


Free Beacon reports that the Democrat Party’s leading super PAC, Priorities USA Action, will spend $6 million donated by leftist billionaire George Soros to attack the President.

The ads will run in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and they will criticize the President’s handling of the pandemic.

While the President is trying to deal with a crisis, this loser, Soros, is doing his best to take him down.

Soros’s seven-figure donation accounts for 77 percent of the $3.9 million the PAC reported hauling in last month.

Major Democratic donors have flooded battleground states, especially in the Midwest, with cash for anti-Trump campaigns in hopes of appealing to the president’s voter base, free beacon reports.

CNN first reported Monday on Priorities USA’s new ads, which come from deep-pocketed leftists.

As part of this plan, Priorities USA has said it intends to spend upward of $150 million against Trump in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. The PAC has hauled in $27 million since January 2019. Its largest donor has been billionaire hedge fund manager Donald Sussman, who has given the group $8 million this cycle. Soros is now the group’s second-largest donor at $5 million.


Meanwhile, the Democrat candidate Joe Biden can’t even speak coherently or tell the truth. They will need more than $150 million. People aren’t stupid.



  1. Presser is on right now about stimulus or whatever it is called and a presstitute asked about banning supplies from certain countries like oh I don’t know maybe…China.
    Could it be more obvious that the enemedia is not for America.
    Two thumbs up for being able to name lil’ Georgie Sorrows. I admire your backbone.
    He is buying up prosecutors all over the nation and the feckless Chicago prosecutor at the center of the Jussie Smollett hoax had her gig saved by him.
    The San Francisco DA son of Weather Underground agents was also funded by Sorrows.
    Look for Prairie Fire by comrade Billy Ayers to see what they have in mind for the USA.

  2. While people are suffering and dying and this old piece of rotting meat along with other rich old dirt bags caremore about defeating a president who cares and is doing more than any president in the past to help those most hurting and in need of help. That money would be far better spent in helping instead of squandering it on foolish ads. No one is interested in ads they are interested in finding a cure and getting back to the new normal, whatever that might be.having jobs to go back to, getting needed items taking care of the sick and praying this crisis will end. … With all their fortunes they are no better than Yahoo’s pissing from trees.and scratching fleas that crawled up their ass. Sanctimonious, severserving, simias who don’t give a damn about humanity. Go to Hell Soros and take Pelosi, Bloomberg Schummer and the god bricking Dem coms in congress with you. People like you are not needed. And when you do finally depart the planet no one will miss you, they’ll just miss your money.

    • Amen, your a gifted spokesperson for most Americans that don’t have TDS, ( trump derangement syndrome)
      I hope other Americans read and agree with your statement. …. Alan

  3. Seems like every dirt bag has crawled out from under whatever rock they were sheltering under to go stir crazy during this manufactured COVID-19 PSYOP.
    The fact is, that very few have died compared to other daily causes of deaths.
    For example, nearly 22,000 die everyday world wide from using tobacco products.
    As for the ‘corona virus’ deaths, once you dig into the deaths being announced they are ALL people with weakened or severely damaged immune system function.

    Seeing that the fear mongering is pretty much universal, and that the formerly allegedly independent online news sites are also pushing this PSYOP, is proof positive that the idea of wide access to independent journalism was widely over estimated.
    So many sites I used to think might be reporting responsibly like Breitbart or Newsbusters have proved to be cheerleaders behind this massive dis-info campaign that is terrorizing billions of people who have not develop the skills to question the messengers and their phony message.

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