President announces some members of council to re-open government


John Roberts reports that President Trump said the responsibility for re-opening the governments of the states is the decision of the President, not the governors. But he is working closely with the governors. That has been a point of contention in the media.

The new council to open the government will be chaired by former Congressman Mark Meadows, with other members including Ivanka and Jared Trump, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow, US Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Secretaries of Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Labor, HUD, the OMB Director and the Chairman of Economic Advisors. Roberts notes that it will also include a couple of other people not yet named.

Roberts also mentioned that there is no one yet from the private sector on the council. Just government types.

May 1st is the soft target to open the government.

The media is going wild on social media, railing against the appointment of Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump to the council. They are calling the panel #DeathPanel and it’s trending. The far-left can make anything trend.


Thomas Massie sounded the alarm about meat shortages.

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