President in NH draws huge crowds, mocks Nancy’s mumbling during SOTU


With voters going to the polls on Tuesday, the president commented on the stunts of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA), at last week’s State of the Union address.

“On Tuesday, I delivered my address on the State of the Union and I had somebody behind me who is mumbling terribly, mumbling,” Trump said, before mocking the behavior. Mumbling, mumbling. Very distracting.”

The excited crowd began chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

“I was very distracted. I’m speaking and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me, angry, there was a little anger back there, we are the ones who should be angry. Not them. We are the ones who should be angry.”

Nervous Nancy mumbled too? Did you know that? As a viewer watching the President, I found her constant obnoxious faces were very distracting and annoying.

The President was funny relating the story but the left doesn’t appreciate his sense of humor. There will be backlash.


The President is drawing the crowds, not the socialist Democrats. Although — to be fair — crazy commie Bernie can draw good-sized crowds too, but not as large as Trump’s. They don’t wait overnight or in the rain for him either.

Biden can’t fill a tiny room unless a lot of reporters show up or they force the union guys to go.

Warren can’t even get anyone to wave to her. Who is she waving at? These people just want to eat their meals.


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