President Kamala will BLOCK states from passing pro-life laws


A President [dictator] Kamala would require states to get pre-clearance from her DOJ to pass pro-life laws. While it wouldn’t pass today, it could one day. If Kamala or her ilk get the Senate and a few Supreme Court picks, this is how it would go.

“We are living through an all-out assault being waged on women’s health and reproductive rights. From Alabama to Ohio, and Missouri to Georgia… Extreme politicians in state legislatures have been working to systematically chip away at Roe for decades,” the Harris campaign said in a statement announcing the proposal.

A President Kamala would target states that pass laws contradicting Roe vs. Wade which amounts to all who try to pass pro-life laws since any law attempting to limit Roe at all has been struck down in the courts.

The NY Times writes:

Ms. Harris, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, will call for what is known as a “preclearance requirement” at a town-hall-style event that will air Tuesday night on MSNBC, a senior campaign official said. The requirement would apply to jurisdictions with a history of violating Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in 1973 that established the constitutional right to abortion. These jurisdictions would have to clear new abortion laws with the Justice Department before putting them into effect…

Though several Democratic presidential candidates have already called on Congress to codify abortion rights, Ms. Harris’s campaign says her proposal goes further by shifting the burden to states with a history of skirting Roe; the campaign official cited South Carolina, Iowa, and Georgia as examples…

The Harris campaign official said any change to abortion laws in a covered jurisdiction would remain legally unenforceable until the Justice Department determined that it adhered to the standards laid out in Roe and by the Women’s Health Protection Act, which remains stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate. Ms. Harris’s campaign also said a number of guardrails would be put in place to protect the preclearance requirement regardless of a particular administration’s view of abortion.


Her idea sounds rather extreme. It could set a precedent for demanding pre-approval for any law Congress passes. The right to abortion is not specified in the Constitution, it is an unwritten right, an implied right according to SCOTUS and it does not justify this extreme control as, say, the Voting Rights of black Americans has.

It would be simpler for Congress to pass a law. Under her rule, Republicans in power could turn it into a pro-life situation.

For now, it’s dead on arrival but she is only pandering, just trying to stick her head out of the crowd of horribles running on the Democratic ticket.

Justice Thomas believes we will soon have to take a look at Roe vs.Wade as it becomes a tool of eugenicists. That won’t sit well since it is the ultimate goal of many on the far-left to control the races.

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