President suggests tying sanctuary reform to a 4th stimulus, left is horrified


President Trump is considering a fourth stimulus but might tie the aid to sanctuary reform. Mitch McConnell insists a fourth stimulus include risk protections from lawsuits for businesses. Many on the right want the bailouts to stop and the government opened instead.

Trump made the suggestion Tuesday.

“We’re not looking to recover 25 years of bad management and give them the money that they lost,” Trump said at a White House news conference. “That’s unfair to other states.”

While the president said he was open to discussing the possibility with states, he said: “We’d want certain things also, including sanctuary-city adjustments.”

“People are being protected that shouldn’t be protected. And a lot of bad things are happening with sanctuary cities.”

“If we’re going to do something for the states, I think we probably want something having to do with sanctuary cities,” Trump said.


Far-far-left Attorney General Letitia James was appalled at the suggestion. She and her allies on the left want open borders and believe foreigners who break our laws deserve our protection and our benefits.

“President Trump’s threat to hold coronavirus funding hostage to cities and states across the country are the latest in his efforts to push a sinister political agenda that only aims to punish us all—citizens and non-citizens alike,” James said in a statement shared with Newsweek.

“This is just another attempt to again feed to his base and push the same partisan ideology we’ve seen for the last three years,” James said, noting Trump’s longstanding opposition to sanctuary policies.

Having borders is partisan ideology??? It’s not, it’s actually the law.

The left is proud they are helping foreigners break our laws. These people are not immigrants, they are lawbreakers. New York even protects the vilest of foreign criminals.

“New York is proud of its status as a sanctuary state that welcomes and will fight to protect its immigrant residents—many of whom are fighting on the frontlines to battle the coronavirus,” James asserted.

“It is my sincerest hope that one day the president will wake up and realize the power of his words,” she said, adding: “Until that day comes we will be ready to take legal action.”

She will sue to continue violating federal law.

James’ reaction was typical of the left’s. They will use our tax money to defend foreigners here illegally over the wishes of the majority of Americans.

Americans have no say who will come into this country.

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