President to sign executive order on immigration giving DACA a path to citizenship


President Trump will sign a major immigration bill and it will include DACA. He plans to give DACA a path to citizenship. It means their families will also likely stay. DACA are predicted to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats and their numbers might be enough to turn the election against Republicans in perpetuity. He’s likely betting it will help Republicans win Hispanic votes in November.

It is another amnesty and the past amnesties are mainly why this country is heading towards communism.

Daily Caller secured a memo by Soros’s Center for American Progress which emphasized the importance of passing DACA legislation.  As the memo phrased it, it’s a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”

That doesn’t mean it’s a foregone conclusion, however.

The move does set a precedent and pushes us closer to open borders.

However, many of the DACAs have been in this country for a long time and all were taken here by their parents when they were young. No one is going to deport them and they are here to stay, but should they vote? Next time Democrats are in power, they will do what the President is planning anyway.

In the clip below, President Trump mentions 700,000 DACA, but there are actually over 3 million, at last count by the left-wing Policy Migration Center.




  1. Many Republicans who did support such actions have found themselves no longer in office. Who is advising Trump on this. How many of those “dreamers” have committed identity theft, the victims of which suffer years of headaches, and more. Of course that isn’t considered much of a crime and isn’t enforced.

  2. Most of these so called dreamers don’t want citizenship. With citizenship comes expected responsibility. Besides, what would they have to whine about; Illegals? History has shown almost all illegals don’t want citizenship, they just want to exploit America from under the table. In 1984 President Reagan foolishly signed the amnesty bill for illegals already in the US with a path to citizenship. Few applied because they were here to exploit America for as long as they could then probably return to Mexico.

    • Trump is a traitor to everything he has said. I will no longer believe him in any way. Send all of those “illegals” back across the border. Trump lies, flips, moans, groans, never takes blame and will most likely get clobbered by a half brain dead democrat come November and it is all Trump’s fault for saying so many downright stupid things. Used to be a firm supporter but no more. Neither will I vote for a half brain dead democrat either.

    • Exactly. Unfortunately, some many folks are susceptible to Fear Porn, or promulgate it in one form or another.

  3. Mr. Dowling,

    You must be one of those “compassionate conservatives”, eh ?

    “No one is going to deport them (the ILLEGALS)….”

    Of course no career politician/domestic communist would act to remove the invaders AND their offspring. If TRUE AMERICAN politicians would stand by their oaths of office, against enemies foreign and domestic, the federal judiciary AND the “lawmakers” at SCOTUS would rule the federal eviction of foreign born invaders and their offspring void. They would declare their presence CONstitutional.

    There are many American Patriots who would evict the illegal DACA invaders if we had the power of fedgov behind us. However, the DAKA lawbreakers were ordained as deserving to be in the new Amerika by executive order. Courtesy of the usurper soetoro-obama and his enabling partners, both democrat and republican.

    As for Trump….screw him ! He is nothing but a blowhard weasel. Although he did convince me to contibute and vote for him. Not again.

    Fool me once….

    • I want to deport them Dan since I stick with the rule of law, but if Trump won’t do it, no one will – just stating fact.

      • Mr. Dowling….the rule of law is non-existent and the federal and state CONstitutions are dead.

        Should your stated “fact” be accurate why vote any longer ? Myself, I am done buying into the mantra of the “lesser of two evils”.

        From the dogcatcher to the Oval Office, no .gov individual can be trusted to comply with the rule of law.

        Sadly, we are living during the demise of this once, great nation.

          • Gawd help you and the USofA because Trump’s stupid and inane commentary has guaranteed that a half brain dead Dem will be our next president and then who knows.

    • Ignore his hard-won successes and cut and run based upon a single issue. You’re not alone. Hope you like Biden’s America.

  4. I’d rather it wasn’t being done, but since it is, that, along with the President of Mexico heaping praise on Trump, it could swing votes to Trump. And it makes one less weapon (though she has many) for the grinning hyena Pelosi to use on Trump.

  5. Some of the people who come on this site on occasion are lefties trying to sway opinions. Don’t forget what we have to lose with Biden. It is not fear porn. It’s in writing — his plan is quite clear.

  6. I certainly don’t like it but Trump “has” from the beginning been giving deference to these people. He has said his primary goal is removing the lawless, violent, illegals. It just may be more important to restrict those in the Visa system which he now seems to be doing. “Those” are the jobs Americans Will do, and Were doing. Also, we don’t know what “his” path to citizenship is comprised of.

  7. He stands for the unborn, he stands for the Christian community he is building the wall, he pushes back against the socialist mob – who else has done that? come on people. stay with the big picture. Respectfully disagree if you must, but stick with this man. He is our best hope. He is not chopped liver, He goes up against unbelievable opposition every single day. Who believes any of the critics here could stand as tall as he has. He is our Champion. He loves this country and EVERYONE in it. Yes i believe he would work with anyone of his adversaries if they would put away the hate. Remember what he said about the Clinton’s after the election “i dont want to hurt them” Saddle up troops he is the REAL DEAL.

  8. I”m hoping that the criteria of giving permanent status is going to be well analysed like(clean record, income tax up to date, health status and so on), like Canada does or even better.
    Let’s see in perspective, Trump can outsmart the fox and he always did so far.
    I’d rather give permanent status to some good quality people instead of permanently dealing with a certain percent of the born/raised american crack heads that are willing to destroy America and parasitize under the George Soros’s financial and political influence.
    America needs hard workers, well educated and some already educated people with good professions especially after many jobs can and will return back from abroad.
    I think we should focus on major problems like money laundering through FAUNDATIONS like Gates, Soros, Clinton’s and so on. The lockdowns and destruction of the american and worldwide economies with this plandemic and the corrupted health system.
    I trust Trump will do what’s best for this nation.

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