President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s sentence


Earlier today, President Trump told the press that Roger Stone was treated very unfairly. Stone was due to report to prison by July 14th and said he was praying for a pardon from the President. President Trump made the move to commute his sentence after Stone’s last appeal was denied earlier today.

Stone has been treated very unfairly at times. He was a target because he supported President Trump during the coup. Stone is his own worst enemy, however, and he wouldn’t stop speaking out carelessly and aggressively.

The FBI raided the aging Stone’s home in the wee hours as armed agents came to arrest him with guns drawn, which was so unnecessary. The agents called CNN so they could film the event.

President Trump commuted his 40-month sentence. Stone was told by an Appeals Court today that his appeal was denied and he had to report to prison on Tuesday.  A senior administration official confirmed to Politico that Trump did commute Stone’s sentence.

Stone is frail and in ill health.

Stone, 67, was sentenced in February to three years and four months in prison after a trial with a tainted jury. last year. He was found guilty on seven charges brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Since the sentence is commuted and it’s not a pardon, Stone can continue with his appeals.

President Trump will be accused of obstruction of justice. The House Democrats have said that any clemency for his inner circle would be considered obstruction of justice.

Attorney General Bill Barr said the sentence was “righteous” and he deserved the sentence.

Then why aren’t McCabe, Comey, Hillary, and all the other scoundrels in prison?

Cynics say Trump’s inner circle was chosen for prosecution because of political motivations.


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3 years ago

I’m beginning to think AG Barr isn’t the man the right thinks he is. He called the sentence of Stone justified even after admitting the entire Russia hoax was unfounded. Would Stone ever been called to face Congress if it weren’t for the entire Russian investigation.

That isn’t the entire issue with this AG. He may be as bad as Sessions. The AG also indicates there will be No Durham report. In other words we will not know or find out precisely what occurred with the criminal enterprise known as the Obama administration. He’s also indicated the lack of prosecuting what would be deemed “political” prosecutions. Who has decided that Durham will withhold any actions until after the election. Originally it was to be in the spring, no wait, summer, no, sometime before the election. It was hinted previously the fear of prosecutions could or would topple the entire system. It seems we have returned to that point in time. The Church Committee certainly didn’t topple the CIA or reduce its effectiveness so surely open investigations wouldn’t permanently damage the DOJ / FBI. But since Graham has decided to have hearings behind closed doors and Barr seems determined to keep Durham from exposing corruption, it will ALL be swept under the rug in hopes there isn’t a Trump second term. Needless to say I’m beyond disappointed and have reached disgust.