President Trump, El Rushbo on Fox & Friends this morning


President Trump and Rush Limbaugh were on Fox & Friends this morning. He concluded 14 events in 72 hours only hours ago at 1 am. President Trump feels very good about the response he is receiving and he thinks it translates into a lot of votes, but we’ll see.

He feels good about Florida, the Black and Hispanic vote. He reviewed the debate and interviews he did that went well.

They addressed him declaring victory, and he said he’ll declare only when there is victory. “There is no reason to play games,” adding, “they have a very good chance of winning.”

The people who came out in massive numbers for the rallies in the past three days are “the heart and soul of our country.”


Rush said he wanted to come onto Fox News to thank Trump. He is working tirelessly for all of us. He’s unfairly impugned while he is working to make life better for everyone.

Rush is very worried about what happens if Biden-Harris win. The people running the operation are not Biden or Harris, they are corporations and other leftist power brokers.

The American left hates America and if they have a chance, they will rewrite the constitution and they will make government the centerpiece of American life. Americans won’t know what hit them.

He said Democrats believe if they win, they will never lose again. And they will move very fast to make sure that happens.

President Trump is the only person standing in the way of the hard left. He’s a good man and it’s frightening to think people wouldn’t vote for him because they don’t like his personality or his tweets.


Mark Levin also commented last night on ‘Hannity.’ He talked about the greatness and the great minds who came up with the idea of America. Then he compared it to the washed-out swamp critter Biden and the Marxism that will be America if he wins.


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3 years ago

Rush and Levin both patriotic conservatives love them both.