President Trump’s Coronavirus Address, No national curfew on the table


President Trump addressed the coronavirus today and issued guidelines for Americans. Basically, he wants 15 days of self-isolation.

The rumors that he will issue an order a lock down of all Americans is NOT TRUE. He never considered it.

The President

The President has spoken. He is not mandating a nationwide lockdown or quarantine, but is advising for the next 15 days the following:

  • No gatherings of 10 or more people
  • No in-person schooling
  • No discretionary travel
  • Avoid restaurants, bars, and other gathering places
  • Avoid gyms and public recreation areas in places of community spread
  • Protect senior citizens and keep them isolated from the general community
  • He did note that there may be localized quarantines and lockdowns in places where the virus has broken out. In some places, there will be curfews.

He said the virus might continue through August. You can read the White House’s guidelines here.

The Press

The media needs to stop using the virus as a means of taking down the President if they want everyone to take them seriously when they report. They won’t give him credit for the travel bans and torched him when he did it.

An article in the Washington Post admits the press circulated reports that the President shut down Barack Obama’s pandemic response team is fake news. The fake news is constant and the media has to cut it out.


The flu killed 35,000 Americans last year and Covid-19, if it gets to spread like the flu, will allegedly kill 350,000 Americans. It is a terrible illness. On the other hand, the virus is another flu, the odds are most people will survive it, and when it’s over people might wonder why we pushed our country into recession for this.

The virus might slow down as the weather warms.

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