President’s “suckers” & “losers” comments are an old Dem trick


The report out yesterday that the President insulted our troops, even our war dead, was suspicious for many reasons. The timing – 60 days before the election – is suspect. However, beyond that, the facts of the case cannot be confirmed. Most people present, including John Bolton, say it did not happen, while anonymous people claim it did.

All we have is unsubstantiated gossip and opinion. This next thread presents a very interesting example of a similar and hackneyed political dirty trick.

Best-selling author Richard Poe says it’s an old Democrat trick and cites an example from October 1862. Poe said a false story was leaked accusing Abraham Lincoln of disrespecting the Union dead in 1864. The accuser was Democrat General McClellan.

“A newspaper claimed that, while Lincoln was inspecting the corpse-strewn Antietam battlefield, he suddenly slapped a companion on the knee and asked him to sing a cheerful song. “Not now, if you please,” McClellan supposedly said, with a shudder.”

The public never knew the truth until 1895.

The true story is that Lincoln visited Antietam weeks after the battle and there were no bodies strewn on the field. He was accompanied by his friend Ward Lamon. He asked him to sing a melancholy song, which he did. To cheer the President up, he sang a few happier songs. Records were left by Ward Lamon and President Lincoln. Read the pages clipped from the historical biography below. It’s very interesting.



If you haven’t heard about the Atlantic story, you can read more on this link. It is another anonymously-sourced story of gossip and opinion with no facts. Disgracefully, Jennifer Griffin of Fox News joined the assault which involved accusing the President of calling troops “suckers” and “losers.”

Many have come on the record to fully deny the report and the President has vehemently denied it. Indeed, there is no evidence he disrespects the troops. He has had problems with individuals who served, including George Bush and John McCain.

Some believe a disgruntled, fired employee like John Kelly, a general, is involved.

Wisely, the people trust the President more than the far-left Atlantic:

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2 years ago

Dems are exactly the ones who disrespect the veterans and the cops most,i won’t believe this crap coming out of their mouth

Raymond Lynn Main
Raymond Lynn Main
2 years ago

Why has’ t Fox found another job for G Griffen, maybe in Beijing!

Tony Lama
2 years ago

Trump loves the US military and hires many high ranking officers believing that their reputation is real,which usually is a lot of BS because what ends up on the DD214 is often just some other officers opinion and not actually the reality of who the soldier really is.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Lama

The DD 214 is a Report of Transfer or Discharge, not a Fitness Report (evaluation). Most of the senior officers degrading Trump are Oblamer yes men that toed his Marxist-democrat line. Those senior officers that did not got fired.

jack johnson
jack johnson
2 years ago

It is no secret that the Pentagon and military brass hate Trump. Trump hates war and by eliminating them reduces the Pentagon`s footprint and influence around the world, not to mention the unaccountable money.
Even “never Trumper” Gennifer Griffin a Pentagon reporter for Fox News is trying to push this false narrative.

Trump is the first president in 40 years that didn`t start a foreign confrontation. Another promise kept.