Presidents Zelensky and Xi Discuss Peace


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Chinese President Xi Jinping had their first friendly phone call since the Russian invasion. According to the New York Times report, the exchange was “long and meaningful.”

The Times failed to report that Zelensky’s spokesperson said Ukrainian and Chinese peace plans found common ground. Zelensky also said peace will not be achieved through territorial compromises. The two statements seem contradictory.

Gossip about the phone call claims Xi gave Zelensky a choice. He needs to start a Chinese-led peace process or raise the stakes by going on the offensive and provoking a nuclear war.

Mr. Zelensky said he “had a long and meaningful phone call” with Mr. Xi. The Chinese state news media said the two leaders had discussed “the Ukraine crisis” and their nations’ bilateral relationship.

“I believe that this call, as well as the appointment of Ukraine’s ambassador to China, will give a powerful impetus to the development of our bilateral relations,” Mr. Zelensky said on Twitter.

Since the war began, Mr. Zelensky had repeatedly expressed interest in speaking with Mr. Xi. China, though it has declared itself neutral in the war, is a close partner of Russia, and many Western officials believe it may be the only country with enough clout with both Ukraine and Russia to help negotiate an end to the conflict.

The US has repeatedly told Zelensky not to engage with Xi, who recently offered to broker peace talks. However, they are now saying they welcome this phone call.

China has been negotiating the return of Russian soldiers to their homeland. The US is in war mode.

What was once the purview of the United States is now falling into China’s hands. As we lose respect throughout the world, Maoist China moves in to take our place.

The US is bringing Ukrainian soldiers into the US to learn to fly F-16s. F-16s are a bit of an antiquated jet as jets go, but one that could get us into dire straits if the pilots hit the wrong targets.

I don’t care who Republicans choose to run against Biden; Biden and his unelected advisors MUST GO! They are literally destroying the world.

Ukrainian Commander Viktor Khorenko. The situation in Bakhmut is “difficult.”

Larry C. Johnson says Ukraine isn’t winning and can’t win. That is tragic and easily foreseeable. The West extended the war. Ukraine is now facing losing even more of its land. The impending counteroffensive doesn’t seem feasible.

Russia is reportedly adding 500,000 drafted soldiers to the fight. They have the numbers and the weapons. Mr. Johnson says the US cannot keep up.

Zelensky said yesterday that he would have to pull people out of Bakhmut. Ukraine has lost 80% to 90% of Balhmut.

Mr. Johnson can’t understand why the West is publicly pushing this counteroffensive. They ignore the human cost.

“We keep doubling down, doing the dumb thing,” Johnson said. We’re not adding Finland to NATO because we’re strong.

The US dollar and US influence and crashing and burning. “The African nations are increasingly turning to Russia…what are we doing?” he asks.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

China is being elevated as the world’s peacekeeper, as it becomes the top economic, military and technology leader. The new alliance will prosper. The USA has lost because it is a corrupt country which committed suicide while the people just watched. The USA does not now have moral, ethical, or other leadership to be respected.

7 months ago

Does the Western supplied weapons have the equal capabilities as Russian artillery. If the first shell misses, the subsequent shell is auto corrected to deliver a direct hit on a tank. This is vastly superior than checking targets via UAV’s. This alone leaves Ukraine at a significant disadvantage in both short and long term.

7 months ago

China has finally figured it out. If the US keeps funding Ukraine, Russia will go Nuclear to Win. That would cause a major European War and China will be pulled in on the Russian side. This would result with a Kinetic War with America and China is not in the position to go that far. China is praying that the Republican House cuts Ukraine Off in order to avoid WWIII.