Prestigious school under immense pressure to purge Attorney General Barr


We have gone from purging Confederates to all statues of our Founding to Attorney General Barr.

The alumni committee of the prestigious Bronx prep school Horace Mann is facing furious calls from leftists to remove Attorney General Bill Barr from their distinguished-alumni list. The reason is his purported order to law enforcement to aggressively clear protesters in DC for a Donald Trump photo op.

That’s not true as the Parks Department and Bill Barr have explained. They used pepper spray and did not use rubber bullets. More than 150 agents and police were injured the night before, a historic building was burned down, and St. James Episcopal was burned. The protesters/rioters were not peaceful. The nasty protesters tore up pavers and threw them at law enforcement.

AG Barr needed to move them one block, out of throwing range. They were asked to move three times and refused.

Barr didn’t do it for Trump and didn’t even know until the effort was almost complete that the President planned to walk to the church. The order never came from the President.

This narrative is a scam, a manufactured scandal. It’s also Stalinism. That doesn’t appear to matter to the attackers of the left. They want to purge Barr like they purge statues and street names.


“It’s a big debate with the alumni committee as to whether or not to remove him,” says a source. “They had to have an emergency meeting about it, but no decision has been made.” Almost 8,000 people have signed a petition to have the politico, who was given the alumni association’s Award for Distinguished Achievement in 2011, removed.

“Barr directly ordered the violent removal of protesters for the president’s political gain, and this was a callous and despicable act demonstrating a clear disregard for our democratic values of free speech and racial justice,” says the petition, started by class of 2020 students Kiara Royer and Jessica Rosberger.

“Barr violated our school’s Core Values of Mutual Respect and Mature Behavior as well as our Mission Statement by infringing on the common good.”

Also, a Horace Mann peer of his, Jimmy Lohman, now an attorney, has been publicly accusing the AG of being a racist who bullied him at school because he supported civil rights.

The school’s Alumni Council said in a statement, “We have heard concerns expressed by current students, alumni, and school employees … We are convening our council to canvass the views of our alumni constituencies and to review in a deliberate manner the range of perspectives that are being communicated to us in connection with the award. We intend to consider the issues thoroughly and sensitively.”

This is simply another purge. No one who supports the President can keep honors of any sort. They must be purged.

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