Preview: Dr. Malone Exposes Monopolist Bill Gates


On Tuesday, in an interview exclusively for Daily Wire members, Dr. Robert Malone and Candace Owens discuss COVID-19 vaccines, Big Pharma, the masking of our children, censorship, the theory of “mass-formation psychosis,” billionaire Bill Gates, and more.

Dr. Robert Malone explained during the interview that Bill Gates is a monopolist, an excellent monopolist. He built Microsoft on the bones of everyone else and the government shut him down. What did he then do? He tried to rehabilitate himself after being caught by moving into philanthropic work and public health. But, the leopard can’t change his spots so he systematically monopolized the global response to infectious disease.

Big Tech has worked to silence Dr. Malone but his impeccable credentials are beyond their reach. Even legacy media can’t dispute them.

Colleagues and critics alike have acknowledged Malone’s impressive credentials in a career spanning more than three decades,” The Washington Post reported last week. “Among those accomplishments was serving as CEO and founder of a company contracted by the U.S. government in 2016 to assist in the development of a treatment for the Zika virus.”

The Post also cited a colleague who is critical of some of Malone’s claims as describing the doctor as “a brilliant scientist who has a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge about vaccines.”

During his sit-down with Owens, Malone pushed back on the idea that he’s “anti-vax” and elaborates on “mass-formation psychosis.”

COVID is now a religion.

What the government is doing to us is abuse. We are in a psychologically abusive relationship with our government right now.

The vaccines don’t work as we were told and they are not safe and effective. Psychological manipulation of the media and Big Tech have deeply distorted public policy.

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The Truth Is Out There
The Truth Is Out There
1 year ago

I’ll listen to him long before some fellow traveler with a hidden agenda.
Some pages were saying that his wife admires WEF/SPECTRE Gates and what is the price of tea of China came to mind.
Just read that Justine Trudeau is a Castro love child and the resemblance is striking plus it says the family made a trip to Cuba in April 1971.
The truth is out there and it is undefeated on the way to winning again.

O/T-If the bestest WAR evarz kicks off will the CPUSA not let a crisis go to waste and crackdown on everything?
Wartime will be perfect for the fifth column to run roughshod over what is left of the once great republic.