Priest rails against abortion and Joe Biden [national abortion champ]


In Buckeye, Arizona, Father William Kosco recently railed against abortion and made several mentions of Joe Biden, who now believes in all forms of abortion and plans to make all federal taxpayers fund it.

Father Kosco said the “bad catechesis and cowardice” of the bishops is the reason why there is a pro-abortion Catholic occupying the White House.

President Joe Biden’s political views are “diametrically opposed to all of the basic moral principles that are proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church,” he continued.

Biden describes himself as a “devout Catholic,” which is what one would expect from political Joe.

The Catholic Church teaches that abortion is a mortal sin. It is “gravely wrong” and a “sin against God.”

“Since the first century, the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.” Those who abort their babies are automatically excommunicated.

“He’s the most powerful man in the world and he is absolutely opposed to the basic understanding that God is the author of life,” Kosco observed. “How in the world did this happen? You want an answer? I’ll tell you the answer: because our bishops have been silent for 60 years through bad catechesis and cowardice.”

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