Primary Results Are In for CO, NY, OK, IL and UT


Last night, there were primary election results from Colorado, New York, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Utah. There were runoffs in Mississippi and South Carolina.


In Illinois, the incumbent Democrat Governor Pritzker won handily with 95.1% of the vote.  He will be up against Darren Bailey in November who won with 77.3% of the vote.

In New York’s gubernatorial, unelected Democrat governor Hochul won with 67.6% of the vote. Republican Lee Zeldin is the projected winner with 49% of the vote in (what’s taking so long?). Guiliani received 22.9% and Astorino got 18.3%.

Mr. Zeldin is considered the underdog, even against Hochul in this deep blue state.


Oklahoma: it will be incumbent GOP James Lankford with 67.8% of the vote against Madison Horn with 37.2% of the vote.

Colorado: incumbent Michael Bennett ran unopposed and he will compete with Republican Joe O’Dea who won with 54.5%.

Utah: GOP Mike Lee is the projected winner with 89% of the vote in. He has 62.2% of the vote against Becky Edwards 29.6% and Ally Isom’s 8.2%. He will be up against Evan McMuffin, I mean McMullin, the Bill Krystol candidate.

Vocal anti-Trump critic Evan McMullin is running as an independent against Lee in November. The Utah Democratic Party voted not to nominate its own candidate and to support McMullin instead in the deep red state.


In South Carolin, Krystle Matthews won the runoff. She is the unethical racist Democrat who wants to use drug money to fund her campaign.

In Mississippi, the incumbent M. Guest won with 67.3% along with S. Pallazzo the incumbent with 46%.


In Nebraska’s special election, M. Flood won 53.1%.

PS Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, won her primary victory over state Sen. Don Coram Tuesday.

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