Prime Minister Trudeau Welcomes Soft Communism to Canada


People should top calling socialists and communists ‘liberal’, they are no such thing, but that’s what the polite PJ Media called the government of Canada as they move further left. They report a new program quite forcibly thrust on universities in Canada by the government leftists.

The “Dimensions: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion” program has been forwarded to all university presidents who have been encouraged to endorse the program for their universities. If they don’t, they lose their grants.

Apparently, the Minister for Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan is behind this latest abomination.

According to the charter, the objective of the program is “to foster increased research excellence, innovation, and creativity within the post-secondary sector across all disciplines.” Sounds good, right?

What is new is the means by which these results would be allegedly brought about: “through increased equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

The NSERC press release falsely claims the Dimensions program has evidence that clearly shows increasing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research environments enhances excellence, innovation, and creativity.”

Yeah right, there is no evidence, literally none.

The program requires that certain categories of people must be favored in academic competitions and the unfavored must be excluded, and if that doesn’t happen, the grants dry up.

What kind of competition is that?

According to the Charter:

To advance institutional equity, diversity, and inclusion, specific, measurable and sustainable actions are needed to counter systemic barriers, explicit and unconscious biases, and inequities. This includes addressing obstacles faced by, but not limited to, women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of a visible minority or racialized groups, and members of LGBTQ2+ communities.

The theory of “systemic barriers” claims prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender, and ethnicity are systemic. They are pushing disparate impact in every department. It’s communist social justice.

This new criterion is being forced on the universities without any votes or consent of the general population.

This is communist/socialist equity. It’s not equality and it is similar to what was imposed in the Soviet Union and Mao’s China. It’s the equality of results earned or not.

The theory of “systemic barriers” assumes that there is no material difference among people in regard to motivation, preferences, abilities, and commitments and that all differences in statistical representation are the result of prejudice and discrimination. This is clearly false.

What bunk.


They only look at results, not causes.

One piece of evidence they lay claim to is the impressive statistical overrepresentation in prestigious fields by members of unpopular minorities, such as African Americans in professional sports, and East Asians and Jews in academia and other professions, which clearly was not the result of prejudice and discrimination against whites, people of European descent, and Christians.

Another kind of evidence is the poor school performances of some minorities, at least partly due to cultural inclinations and social pathologies of crime and single parent families.

The third kind of evidence is the differential preferences of members of different categories.

These leftists are trying to force success via social engineering. Sounds like Hitler, Mao, Stalin.

The fourth kind of evidence is the poor results of decades of so-called “affirmative action,” discrimination in favor of “underrepresented” minorities.

Recruiting poor students for Ivy League has the expected results — they fail out! Shocker!


Along with all of the wonderful inclusion of females, people of color, First Nations, LGBT+, Muslims, etc., there is a necessary corollary: exclusion of people in other categories. The exclusion of males in favor of females begins early. How is that diversity?

These are racial quotas and it’s idiotic. This pits people of various “identities” against one another. There is nothing liberal about social justice. The SJWs are destroying intellectual honesty, diversity, and thought.

The same exact thing is happening in the United States. That’s what SAT social justice is about. It’s what disparate impact is about. It needs to be stopped before it can’t be stopped.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Amen! Thanks for a well written report. Heather MacDonald has a book covering this subject, ‘The Diversity Delusion.’