Prince Harry and Meghan have ‘no way back to royal duties’ after Oprah interview


According to the Daily Mail, Prince Harry and Meghan the Duchess are set to lose all their remaining royal patronages after their announcement that they recorded a 90-minute tell-all TV special with Oprah Winfrey.

The Queen will reportedly ask them to relinquish links with patronages passed down through the Royal Family.

The move would see Harry stripped of his three remaining honorary military titles. At the same time, Meghan would have to step down as patron of the National Theatre unless she can negotiate another position with them.

The Daily Mail doesn’t seem to like the couple all that much. They call Prince Harry a hobbit.

The special will come out next month shortly before the Queen’s 95th birthday and her husband Prince Phillip’s 100th.

Seems a bit mean of the young couple.

Meghan is expecting their second child, and they never take their other baby back to visit.

Queen Elizabeth’s 36-year-old grandson would be stripped of his three remaining honorary military titles and, potentially, his patronages with the Rugby Football Union, Rugby Football League, and the London Marathon.

The special is about leaving the Royal Family and the problems associated with it.

That’s really something no one can relate to. Relatives of Queens are hard to come by these days.

It wouldn’t take much to destroy the somewhat obsolete Royal Family. These two seem intent on doing it, ruining things for his brother and offspring.

One source described the interview as “one of the most inevitable and, sadly, predictable consequences” of the ‘Megxit’ saga.

Who cares. Go away.

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Holy Roller
Holy Roller
2 years ago

Amazing that Harry despite being a soldier with combat experience has become a simp. It is obvious that she wears the pants in that family. I bet he will come to regret his decisions in the years to come.

Rattlesnake Tattoo
Rattlesnake Tattoo
2 years ago

O/T-in the destroyed edumacations or we’ll vote our way out of this department:

Plissken, SD
Plissken, SD
2 years ago

Who? Honorary titles? Is that like a participation trophy.
Ol’ Winston is spinning as Englandstan fades away.