Pro-criminal Governor Cuomo looks to legalize prostitution


The leftist idea of legalizing prostitution could soon become law in New York State. Prostitution exploits women, gay men, and children. It’s also a vehicle for human trafficking.

State lawmakers have reintroduced a bill on prostitution in the senate after it failed to make it out of committee last year.

The law would make it legal to both buy and sell sex in most cases.

Sex workers argue the laws currently in place only punish them and do not impact the people who use their services.

If passed, New York would become the first state to decriminalize sex work. Right now, Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal, though not statewide.

By the way, they are not sex workers. They are prostitutes. Stop glorifying a job that gets people into drugs. We all know this business is controlled by the worst of the worst and they use drugs to control the ‘workers.’

Cuomo, making America evil and degenerate again.

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