Progressive Democrats Celebrate Pride Month


Democrats need to purge their party of progressive perverts who seduce children. Pride month is hell for most of us watching the perversion. This isn’t about gays. It’s an opportunity for perverts. If you object, you are not condemning gays. You’re correctly criticizing people who would indoctrinate children.

Why do these men have this child at a perverted drag queen show? What are they doing?

A “Pride Party” with infants and children in attendance in Tempe, Arizona, featured lowlifes, drag queens twerking and singing obscene rap lyrics while dancing suggestively.

The master of ceremonies, drag queen Barbra Seville railed against “insane” conservative lawmakers.

“[W]e can call the shots, we can protect LGBTQ youth, we can protect trans people, we can protect people of color, we can make housing a priority, we can tackle things like guns in schools, but we can’t do it unless you all get involved and register to vote,” he said.

Can they call the shots? This can’t all be on Conservatives. We need normal independents and Democrats to come to their senses.

This is what we have going on in Glendale. LA Mag claims the anti-Pride group started this fight, but you’d better see the proof before you believe them. Antifa was at this protest.

We now have Trantifa.

Even Idaho is losing it.

This isn’t true:


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