Ex-CDC Director: Vaccine Mandates Were Not Based on Science


As we reported, former CDC Director Robert Redfield dropped shocking news in an interview with Chris Cuomo nearly a week ago that the mainstream media chose to ignore and still barely notice.

This interview with Chris Cuomo is very important. Dr. Robert Redfield spoke about the origins and ongoing impact of COVID-19, including the role of U.S. and Chinese research in the virus’s development. Redfield shares insights on government overreach, vaccine effectiveness and side effects, and the reality of long COVID, emphasizing the need for transparency and a comprehensive review of the pandemic response.

He said there was a “huge influence” by Big Pharma to vaccinate everyone when he wanted to prioritize the elderly. When the Biden administration came in, the CDC stopped tracking vaccinated people who became infected. They did it so people wouldn’t know that vaccinated people were getting infected.

Cuomo asked why. Redfield said, “Because I think there was a decision not to do anything that made the vaccine sound like it didn’t work.”

Redfield said there was no rationale for mandating the shots. The decision was based on emotion, not science.

There was no question of government overreach. Mandating vaccines was a terrible decision. There was no rationale for mandating them for younger, healthy people.

There also should have been more emphasis on immunity.

Watch the full exchange here.

We can criticize Chris Cuomo for his past vaccine bullying, and I have, but we need to appreciate the information he is willing to share now. We can say the same thing about Dr. Redfield.

The truth is coming out, and Dr. Redfield now feels safe telling the truth. In March, Dr. Redfield said the pandemic was caused by science. By May, he said many young people became “quite ill” from the mRNA shots. In September 2023, he said Donald Trump was “absolutely not” pressuring the CDC to develop a vaccine.

First of all, Dr. Anthony Fauci needs to be held accountable. His arrogance and narcissism caused unnecessary deaths.

As researchers reported, three million excess deaths with potential ties to the vaccines need to be investigated based on their recent research.


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