Project Veritas: Dem AP Grooming Children Into Transgenderism


Project Veritas released the third video in its newly launched Education Series today exposing an Assistant Principal grooming children between the ages of five and nine years old into transgenderism. He also would never hire anyone with right-leaning political views.

Todd Soper, Assistant Principal for the New York City Department of Education, specifically managing neighborhood charter schools for grades K-4, was recorded discussing how he wouldn’t hire a right-leaning educator.

“We have very specific questions, and ultimately our Diversity-Equity-Inclusion question, our DEI question is — it’s very telling if somebody has done a lot of work within themself, within the profession…if people don’t answer that question right, they’re just an automatic not hire.”

He recalled an incident with a teacher who “didn’t want to teach Black Lives Matter” ideology to her students and left the school. “She would’ve probably been fired eventually just based off of mindset. But yeah, she left.”

Excerpts from the Project Veritas website:

The school administrator also detailed how gender ideology is pushed onto children even before they get to Elementary School.

“We have always and will continue to embrace diversity on all levels. So, the same way we embrace identities that are based off of ethnicity, skin tone and gender, we also embrace orientation,” Soper said.

“Like for kindergarten, for Pride month, we got — every kid had a mirror and we talked about — a read aloud about an animal, or about a boy that said he wanted to be a mermaid. It’s a way to start, like, ‘You should be whoever you feel like you should be.’ That was kind of the message of [the] read aloud,” he said.

“It’s delicate, right? So, in kindergarten and first grade, they [students] are five and six [years old] — but I think we start with the umbrella theme of, ‘Embrace who you are. You have to love who you are, and each part of you is beautiful, whatever you feel.’ As kids get older and the idea of gender becomes more salient, which happens more towards fourth grade…the conversations deepen as the kids get older.”

You can watch the full video by CLICKING HERE.

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