Project Veritas video! Worse than the first


Another Facebook whistleblower claims there is Facebook interference on a global level in elections.

The following is from the Project Veritas email I received:

  • Facebook Whistleblower: Facebook Categorizes Trump Supporters With ‘Hate Organizations, Hitler, Nazis, MAGA’
  • Former Google HR Contractor, Now Senior Human Resources Business Partner at Facebook: ‘No One Has the White Man’s Back Anymore’
  • Facebook Content Moderator Israel Amparan: ‘Trump Supporters Are F*cking Crazy *ss *ssh*les’
  • Amparan: ‘[Trump Supporters Are] A Bunch of Sh*tty F*cking Rednecks’
  • Facebook Content Moderator Kassi Cimo: “Americans Should Take Iran’s $80 Million” Bounty on President Donald Trump “If It’s Gonna Save the Country, Why Not Do It?”

[Phoenix, A.Z.—June 25, 2020] Another report demonstrating rampant censorship of conservative content by Facebook content moderators and an interview with the latest insider who experienced it firsthand was released today by the non-profit media company, Project Veritas.





  1. Google sent my news emails, from FortRuss, Independentsentinel and other unbiased publications, straight to my spam.
    I heard that Google also removes downloaded videos in the device. It’s just insane what times we live in.
    The silent majority wakes up but I hope it’s not too late.
    This is CCP comunism and Auschwitz in full display.

    • Google hates us. The Gateway Pundit posted a list — a long list — of conservative websites on the Google blacklist and we were on it.

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