Proof Hillary concocted the fake dossier and the FBI knew in January 2017


Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham released the Woods file. It was declassified, and it should never have been classified.

The newly-released documents show that the evidence used as a basis for the first and second FISA warrants on Carter Page was “lost.” Isn’t that odd?

The evidence shows Bruce Ohr did continue to communicate with Christopher Steele after he was dismissed by the FBI. Steele is the former British spy who developed the dirty dossier that was used to destroy Trump’s presidency. Steele was dismissed for being too politically motivated to continue developing the dossier.

Bill Barr, then-attorney general, knew about this and still let Ohr retire with full salary and benefits.

Ohr is married to Nellie Ohr, who worked for Fusion GPS. Fusion also hired Steele to develop the dossier. The dossier was actually Hillary Clinton’s opposition research.

Most stunning is the revelation that Steele admitted he came up with the dossier to help Hillary Clinton win the election. She was under pressure from revelations that she used a homebrewed server for secret communications.


This backs up prior evidence indicating that Hillary Clinton concocted the entire plan to distract from her illicit use of a personal server for government business.

By the way, the source for the dossier was a Russian spy, and the dossier was Russian disinformation.

All of these people knew the truth in January 2017. Still, they let this probe on for years to hurt President Trump. Then they had a mentally deficient dupe — over-the-hill Mueller — take over the probe.

This is as bad as any corrupt government in the world.



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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Yeah, all this coming out now. Do you really think anything is going to happen to any of these pompous elitist pricks?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Firstly, Graham has no credibility. He participated in the coverup 2017-2020 and still does. He was a key participant in 2019-2020, as head of judiciary, where he blocked investigations and broke several major promises. He did whatever China Mitch, a key conspirator in the election coup, wanted him to do.

How self serving, for him to pretend to release important information after Trump is being removed. That fits exactly into his personality. He wants to remove his guilt for helping destroy Trump.

What he released is not new and has few new revelations. I doubt he would release anything without permission from the intelligence agencies. I find that when I approach this situation from the point of view that intelligence agencies ran the show, that things are explained better. Hillary has already been exposed as being involved, so of course the agencies want to defect blame to her. Hillary did not run the show, she had intelligence connections, and those agencies wanted her to win, so they helped her set this trap for Trump. Hillary did not force those agencies to set up an international plot to frame Trump, nor to create fake surveillance applications.

It is awful, how this goes on and on, with government and major media participating in lie after lie. The agencies would not do something just because Hillary wanted it. Those agencies launder money through law firms such as Perkins Cole and other firms such as Fusion GPS to perform these activities. This was an intelligence operation which Hillary rode. Graham knows that and so do the other RINOs.

2 years ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Graham has atcted as the foil through the whole thing. How many time have you heard him say “we will be issuing subpoenas and they will testify before congress”. He is as complicit as they come. He sold us to China years ago.

Brett Short
Brett Short
2 years ago

SO, WHY isn’t this cunt Hilary being prosecuted for interfering with the election 2016 using a foreign power? Why hasn’t this cunt been LOCK UP by now, Trump failed us in this regard. The lunatic is running around shooting off her damn mouth when she should be locked up in Gtimo waiting to hang!

NO self-respecting conservative or patriot would use Twitter.
BOYCOT Twitter, Facebook, Google (use DUCK DUCK GO instead), Amazon, Apple and any other Marxist traitor (redundancy, of course), and BOYCOTT all their advertisers.

Debarkation Area
Debarkation Area
2 years ago

A distraction from the total infiltration by the CCP who has paid Hilly and her comrades very well.
Boy that escalated quickly in the post pics department from the wonderful MCE to Cruella Pantsuit.
You could build a revolving door family tree of all the comrades selling America to the high bidder.
Any society that allows itself to be sold out by these grifter cretins doesn’t deserve to have a future.