Protected by Sanctuary Cali, Garcia Killed 2, Shot 6 Others, Injured 2 More


A reign of terror turned deadly around 2:30 a.m. on Monday, when Visalia Police say Gustavo Garcia shot and killed a man outside an AMPM on Lovers Lane, Fox 8 reported.

This career criminal was in the country illegally. Authorities say Garcia had immigration holds in 2004, 2012, and 2014 and was deported in 2014. He also had a prior criminal record. The police could not notify ICE so he could be deported because it’s a Sanctuary. California harbors foreign criminals.


On Sunday night, the illegal alien criminal shot a woman in the arm and chest outside a Motel 6. She is expected to survive and positively identified Garcia.

Garcia’s crime spree started on Sunday when he shot a farmworker and minutes later, held up a gas station in Exeter, making off with 2-thousand dollars cash.

“During the course of the robbery, Mr. Garcia fired two rounds in the directions of the employees as well as customers in the store. The store is occupied by several subjects. Upon receiving the money, Mr. Garcia left the store, entered a grey Honda Pilot SUV,” said Exeter Police Chief John Hall.

After murdering one person during the robbery, he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house threatening her and shooting several rounds in her yard.

He took off in his car. Police spotted him and went into hot pursuit. Garcia pulled his car over, and got out shooting at deputies, then ran into an orchard.

The officers put themselves in harm’s way to try and stop him. They ran towards the danger.

Garcia kidnapped some farmworkers while in the orchard. Police pursued on foot.

Garcia got back into his car and onto Highway 65, traveling the wrong way at 100 mph or more. He was trying to deliberately hit people. Garcia got into an accident with several cars and was ejected from his vehicle.

He died at the scene and another person was critically injured.


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