Protests or Terrorism in New York City


Joe Biden isn’t satisfied with his open borders; he also wants to bring an unspecified number of Palestinians into the country. t=Their neighbors in the region won’t take in. They are among the most radicalized people, and Biden won’t have them vetted. They’re future Democrat votes.

They are in this country now, and they are radicals who aren’t here to improve this country. The radicals are picking off the Jews first. They’re easy targets.

Some of the worst antisemitic rhetoric and incidents seen in New York City since October 7 have been perpetrated by WOL (Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine ) supporters and members.

The leader is Nerdeen Kiswani.

Nerdeen Kiswani YouTube Screenshot

Kiswani and her organization explicitly call for the complete eradication of Israel, including for Israel to be “wiped off the map,” and have called for Israeli Jews to leave the country (both from the West Bank and in Israel proper).

WOL and Kiswani frequently express support for acts of terror perpetrated by U.S.-designated terror groups, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).


Vandals attacked the Brooklyn Heights home of Anne Pasternak, director of the museum, by smearing red paint and graffiti across the entry of her apartment building and hanging a banner that accused her of being a “white-supremacist Zionist.”

According to Taylor Maatman, the museum’s director of public relations and communications, the homes of two trustees and the museum’s president and chief operating officer, Kimberly Panicek Trueblood, were also targeted.

The red triangle is a Hamas symbol. These people aren’t pro-Palestine; they’re pro-Hamas, they terrorize people, and they are terrorists.

According to the ADL, the triangle became a symbol online and offline beginning in November 2023 following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel and Israel’s war.

It first appeared in propaganda videos from the al-Qassam brigades — Hamas’ military wing — to highlight an Israeli soldier who was about to be killed or wounded in a targeted attack by the terrorists.

No one has been arrested.

When they’re done with the Jews, they’ll come for the rest of us. Why aren’t any being arrested, but the praying Grandma has to go to prison for two years for praying in front of an abortion clinic?

I feel like I’m in Munich in 1933.

This happened on a New York subway. Police are looking for the ringleader. They should be looking for all of them.

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