Psaki and Biden Encourage Radical Leftist ‘Protests” at Justice’s Homes


When then-President Donald Trump told protesters to march ‘peacefully’ to the Capitol on January 6th, he was roundly condemned. The rally was legal. The situation is quite different when Democrats are involved it seems. White House press secretary Jen Psaki has continually encouraged the protesters threatening the Justices to protest outside their homes. This is despite the fact that it’s illegal to protest outside a Justice’s home to bully them into a ruling they want. On top of that, some of the protesters are dangerous communists.

We also have Democrats like NY AG Tish James screaming to followers in crowds, riling them up.

Ben Shapiro tweeted:

Trump, January 6: “Everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Psaki, yesterday, on protests at justices’ homes: “We do support…people peacefully protesting, and they do that in a range of places.”

Justice Alito and his family are in hiding because he has had so many death threats. A Daily Signal reporter/producer Doug Blair said the protesters outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home were very angry. “It was the scariest thing he ever saw,” he said.[see below]

Neighbors of the Justices are participating. Now that is revolting. There are children involved.


President Biden’s position is to “certainly continue to encourage” the protests “outside of judges’ homes” that “have been peaceful to date,” Psaki said.

She might say she meant to continue peacefully, but never once has she or Biden said they shouldn’t march outside Justice’s homes.

Watch Psaki:

Psaki is encouraging dangerous people to keep breaking the law, marching in anger around Justices’ and their families’ homes.


Doug Blair was on Clay and Buck this afternoon and repeated his statements and tweets about the so-called peaceful protesters.

BUCK: People are worried about this, people are worried about the security, the safety of these justices. What did you see?

BLAIR: Yeah. No. You’re absolutely right. I was out there watching these protesters march around and find their way suddenly in front of the houses of some of the most important justices in the land. It was horrifying. These people are so angry, they’re so spiteful, and the fact that they thought it was appropriate for them to go to the houses — the private residences — of some of these justices, really for only one reason. It’s to intimidate this. It’s to force them to think that they’re in danger and if they don’t vote a certain way on Roe v. Wade, they’re gonna do something — and we don’t know what that something is, but it sure ain’t good.

Mr. Blair said the atmosphere around Justice Kavanaugh’s home was much worse than Justice Robert’s.

“When they got to Brett Kavanaugh’s house, something in the air just changed. You could feel it turn like a switch. They just viewed this person as, like, a monster, subhuman, and they wanted him to know that they were out there and they hated his guts. So I heard one protester yell and scream, “I can see you, Brett!” I hope to God he was wrong. I hope that Brett actual wasn’t at his house, Justice Kavanaugh wasn’t at his house. But it was terrifying. I was scared for the police officers who were there because this crowd was just so agitated and so angry.


He said there was a police presence, fewer on the way to Justice Alito’s home. They plan to protest continuously.


Mr. Blair thinks the protesters see their whole abortion world slipping away.

“I think that these protesters feel as if they’re seeing the demise of an abortion-type regime that has been existing in this country for far too long. And I think when they saw the cops show up, they recognized that you know, time was not on their side anymore. They were going to lose this fight and that they didn’t want to be around to see what the results were gonna be.”


This is a recipe for violence. Apparently, as long as no Justices have been killed, Psaki and the Biden regime think this is fine. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and The Revolutionary Communist Party all have a presence at these protests.

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