Psaki: federal government to guide corporations forcing vaccination


Contact tracing adopted by national Governments to stop Covid-19 pandemic.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has gone from saying it’s not the government’s role to force vaccine passports to saying the federal government will police corporations requiring proof of vaccination.

A reporter asked about what guidance the government would give to private businesses and other entities requiring vaccines.

“You mean, vaccine verification and how it’s approached?” Psaki said, almost waiting for the question. “You know, one, we do support efforts to incentivize workforces, of course, to protect their workforces and get more people vaccinated. We want to ensure that it’s done in a transparent way, that it’s in an equitable way, that if there are verification requirements, it can be done digitally, there are a range of ways to provide the information.”

Digitally? This smacks of the surveillance state — a police state. They will know every move people make. This is Chinese Communist Party level control. It will be especially helpful in checking their enemies — Republicans.

This isn’t about our health.

Then we have corporations only too willing to exert control. They are as radical progressive and have a clear desire to meld with the CCP.

They could weaponize the information. These people are dangerous and they don’t believe in freedom or the Constitution.

The Democrat government has control of the media who will back them up.

A Daily Caller reporter said to Psaki that only 31% of New Yorkers who are black have been vaccinated and she wanted to know if Psaki was concerned the burden would fall on minorities.

“It’s our objective to continue to close that equity gap,” Psaki responded. She blathered about all the help she would give.

“Because we certainly don’t want this to be a barrier of entry for communities,” she added. “We also believe that at a time where the Delta variant is spreading like wildfire across the country, especially to the unvaccinated communities, that it’s important for… cities and communities should be able to take steps to incentivize getting more people vaccinated.”

We still don’t know if they are testing for the Delta variant or even if they can since the Deputy Spokesperson couldn’t answer the question.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Interestingly there is NO ‘isolate’ for the Chinese virus…dubbed Covid 19…So WHAT is the REAL purpose of the so called ‘vaccines’???

All Out of Bubble Gum
All Out of Bubble Gum
2 years ago

Have black people woken up regarding the party of slavery, KKK and JIm Crow?
I doubt it. (racist!)

Devolution Is Real
Devolution Is Real
2 years ago

Mussolini is beaming with pride and making wild faces on a balcony from beyond.
Will the new Chiquitastan flag be a rainbow with a bundle of rods?