WH spox can’t prove delta variant is real or that we test for it


A political hack, who attempts to clarify the crazy talk from the White House about COVID, made it worse yet again. She is making a habit out of this.

When asked if there is s test and how does she know people have the delta variant, she didn’t know. J-Pierre should have circled back on it instead of treating the reporters like children.

We Said So!

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t understand why the Newsmax reporter wanted to know how we know delta variant is even real or if there is a test for it.

Her answer is basically because the experts say so. That’s not an answer, especially since they can’t get their stories straight from hour to hour, lie regularly, and when they’re not lying, they’re exaggerating.

Some of what they say is true no doubt but how do we know what is or isn’t? Fauci admitting lying to us twice. He lied about masks so we wouldn’t buy up masks when medical professionals needed them.

Then he lied again over herd immunity. He kept upping it because we weren’t ready to hear the truth, he said.

Walensky’s lies are documented on this site.

Social media won’t let us discuss it so we can’t really find out the truth. No one can hold the government to account.


We don’t understand why people are confused. We have Dr. Fauci!

Why Would We Be Confused?

Because Dr. Stepford our Surgeon General said we are murderers if we don’t vax?

Natural Immunity? Get Vaxxed Because We Say So!

One of the latest nonsensical ideas coming out of the White House is to tell people with natural immunity to get vaccinated. Why? Are they afraid there aren’t enough vaccine billionaires yet?

Tucker interviewed Senator Rand Paul about that on his Friday night show.

“Let me just say this: the first, why would people who have recovered from COVID and have active antibodies and are therefore immune — they have natural immunity — why would they be forced to take an experimental vaccine to give them artificial immunity?” Carlson asked.

Senator Paul responded: “Yeah, there’s no science behind it. All of the studies that have looked at natural immunity show that natural immunity has at least as good of an immunity as you get from a vaccine,” he said. “People have to realize that vaccines are based on what we learn from natural immunity over the last couple of hundred years, how the body responds to a foreign particle ─ a virus or a bacteria ─ and then we simulate that with the vaccine.”


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