Public Universities in Deep Red OK Spent $83.4M on DEI


In the deep red state of Oklahoma, public universities have poured over $83.4 million into diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives over the last ten years. Known by its acronym, DEI, or otherwise CRT, it is Marxist-based, racist, and anti-American.

Some State lawmakers, conservative watchdogs, and alumni are calling for it to be defunded. They argue it’s a waste of money and has created divisive campus atmospheres. They also think it might be unconstitutional.

The DEI events at the colleges have included funding for drag queen performances, a program on fostering trans and non-binary resilience, so-called anti-racist training, and a presentation on Black Jesus, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs reported.

DEI is depraved.

Norman, OK – November 2022: the campus of the University of Oklahoma

Some major donors have yanked their funding over the summer, and some Republican lawmakers proposed a resolution to defund it. Lawmakers are considering it. It’s the only way to stop it.

The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs has taken a leading role in exposing what some of the DEI money is being spent on, including using public records requests to determine that the University of Oklahoma paid $29,000 for two drag queen performances this year.

Among other DEI expenditures highlighted by OCPA:

East Central University reported hiring the Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice to provide trainings to campus leaders. A July 22, 2021, post on the OCCJ website defended the use of Critical Race Theory in education, stating that Critical Race Theory “provides a lens through which we can recognize that the United States has a long history of white supremacy and policies that benefit white people above all others.”

Murray State College reported spending money on books about “Erasing Institutional Bias” and similar topics, along with rainbow pins for faculty and staff who choose to wear them.

Northeastern State University reported funding a “Feminists and Social Activism” course, and another course “related to diversity and ethics within law enforcement, courts, and corrections” in which emphasis was “placed on police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, probation and parole officers, and correctional officers.”

Oklahoma City Community College reported spending funds on a workshop to review terminology “used to define sexuality and sexual orientation to better navigate conversations,” as well as a training course on ʺBias Based Policingʺ to “teach officers prevention strategies for bias in police work.” OCCC also had a “Which Lives Matter” training.

The Left in America is turning the United States into a communist Hellhole.

Read more at The College Fix.

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