Public University Blocks Free Speech for Pro-Life Advocate


The Washington Examiner reports that a pro-life student has been blocked from expressing her views on the Women’s Center blog.

The goal of the left is to create an echo chamber of one viewpoint and it’s working well at the public University of Idaho.

As our Second Amendment rights are being stripped, so are our First, and people should keep in mind that without the Bill of Rights, our Constitution is worthless. It is what gives us the freedoms we now have. We are losing our freedoms — and quickly.

According to Students for Life, the director of the Women’s Center at the public University of Idaho recently removed a blog post written by pro-life student Victoria Dilone because it challenged the center’s views on abortion and birth control.

The blogs are written by students to promote debate but the rulers don’t like her views.

“On more than one occasion, your personal views have been in direct conflict with one of the fundamental principles and tenets of feminism — that of choice,” wrote Lysa Salsbury, the director of the Women’s Center.

“Your article is not only not congruent with the Women’s Center’s views on the topic, it directly challenges them. As such, we cannot publish it. I’m sorry.”

The event she was advertising is banned because it’s with a priest the LGBTQIA… groups don’t agree with.

The center is supportive of women’s empowerment and free speech as long as it agrees with them.

This is what Democrats want for us in their dark world.

Hopefully, this will be pursued in court since it is clearly unconstitutional. This is a public university and, so far as we know, we still have free speech.

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