Putin closes Kerch Strait after Biden calls off navy battleships


Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to have picked the perfect time to attack Ukraine. We have a mentally challenged person for a president. Putin followed up and blocked ALL foreign warships from reaching Ukraine through the Kerch Strait. Biden had sent two Naval ships for maneuvers but then called them off.

Biden canceled the ships at the same time Putin is building up troops on the Ukraine border.

The Putin move blocks any access to foreign warships to Crimea until October 2021.

Biden is sanctioning Russia with meaningless sanctions. He kicked out 10 diplomats from the U.S. embassy and sanctioned 32 Russian individuals and entities. Some sanctions were on eight people and entities tied to the “repression in Crimea.”

He’s kicking out a bunch of spies.

It would have been far better to continue with the maneuvers of the two Navy vessels.

Biden also denounced Moscow for the [debunked] offer of Taliban bounties for U.S. troops in Afghanistan. That never happened.

The White House also blamed Moscow for the SolarWinds hack which may or may not be true.

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