Alert! James O’Keefe permanently banned by Twitter after exposing CNN, will sue


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has been permanently banned by Twitter. This is pure censorship for political reasons because he has successfully exposed CNN, the media and Democrats.

This is insanity. If you care about journalism, let @Jack know how you feel.

James O’Keefe says that Twitter accused him of operating fake accounts which he denies. Twitter accuses O’Keefe of violating its rules “on platform manipulation and spam.”

Mr. O’Keefe will sue Twitter for defamation.

Rasputin, aka Jack Dorsey, banned O’Keefe for exposing the truth about CNN. Silly James. You can’t expose the truth against the narrative.

See the CNN clips here and here.

Twitter banned Carpe Donktum right after his viral parody of CNN with the babies and they banned James O’Keefe after he released videos of a CNN employee who embarrassed the company.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas did more than anyone to expose how corporate legacy media are unethical, biased, smear merchants and liars. 

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2 years ago

Jack Dorsey is having fun now, but when the backlash comes there will no place for him to hide.

Return of Big British Bassline
Return of Big British Bassline
2 years ago

I like Rasputin better. Comrade Chairman Dorsey should make Twit into its own little sandbox echo chamber where everyone communicates via emoji and it is just huge retweet of the same three slogans.
I Tweet therefore I am? Naw, I’ll have to pass on that.

2 years ago

How do you think a twit like Dorsey made his money? He was financed and guided every step of the way by ChiCom agents and money. Like the rest of the so-called Silicon Valley “billionaire digirati” he is a front man for the ChiComs. Moreover, their massive criminal electoral fraud is unraveling day by day and the ChiComs agents and boot lickers are in a panic. Like Hitler in his Berlin bunker they know their days are numbered and likely to swallow a bullet before submitting to the justice they surely all deserve.