Putin Wants to Kill Zelensky, “Key Figures,” Wherever They Are?


A top Russian MP suggested Russia must use weapons to destroy the entire Kiev regime. Medvedev called for “Retaliatory acts against the Neo-Nazi regime’s key figures, regardless of the places of their location and the limitation period.”

This is in response to the drone attack on the Kremlin.

From RT:

The terrorist act against the president is an attack on Russia,” Volodin, who serves as State Duma chairman, said in a Telegram post.

“[Vladimir] Zelensky, who gave orders to carry out terrorist attacks, now stands on a par with other international terrorists,” he added, referring to the Ukrainian president. Volodin claimed that the government in Kiev is as dangerous as groups such as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

This war is quickly becoming far more serious.

According to Tass, Dmitry Medvedev recommends the elimination of Kiev:

“The Kiev dog keeps barking. The saliva drools across its hairy muzzle so that its masters can see its fighting properties,” Medvedev remarked.

“What is it? The contradictory gloom of the drug-permeated conscience? Delirium of uncertainty? Pressure on its patrons? General persisting paranoia? No doubt, all this together,” he said.

However, “even delirious statements should not be underestimated,” he said. “This is also the Kiev regime’s hysterical manifesto with the aim of consolidating the Nazi elite, supporting the troop fighting spirit and receiving new support from its sponsors,” Medvedev explained.

He threatens Zelensky and his administration here:

The sole response must be as follows: “The mass destruction of the personnel and military equipment involved by the Neo-Nazi regime in the counteroffensive, with a maximum military defeat inflicted on Ukrainian troops. A full rout of the enemy and the final deposition of the Neo-Nazi Kiev regime with its full de-militarization on entire Ukrainian territory. Retaliatory acts against the Neo-Nazi regime’s key figures, regardless of the places of their location and the limitation period,” Medvedev said.

“Otherwise, they will not calm down and drug-induced delirious statements may turn into reality and the war will stretch out for long. Our country does not need this,” the Russian politician said.

Emphasis added.

Putin allegedly wants to kill Zelensky, no matter where he is. Zelensky is in Finland right now.

It no longer matters who started this. We’re heading for World War III with no money, a WOKE army, and Joe Biden as our Commander in Chief.

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