Qatar Never Said They’d Refreeze the $6 Billion the US Gave Iran


A week ago today, the terrorist group Hamas unleashed Hell on the Israeli people in an attack that was planned by Iran or at least facilitated by Iran, reportedly with the help of Lebanon. There is no evidence yet that Russia was involved. Iran and Lebanon met the week before the attack, and several officials confirmed Iran helped plan and execute it.

Israel is sending in teams to try to find the hostages, and Egypt has been convinced to open the gates for refugees from Gaza. The IDF enabled a safe corridor for Gazans.

The Biden administration is really the Obama administration. Most of the advisers are Obama staff. The administration put the now-suspended Robert Malley into the State Department, and he weakened it greatly. He is accused of treason in his work with Iran. He’s not the only one, but at least the media is reporting about him.

The administration appears desperate to get the nuclear deal back even though it gives the okay for Iran to build the nuclear bomb. We all can see what Iran would do with nuclear weapons. The administration can see it too, but they like the appearance of it, and how it can be played in historical accounts.


We now find out that there is no agreement to refreeze the $6 billion. Newsmax took the time to report the English translation of what was actually said.

The state of Qatar said it is committed to any agreement it is in, and no step is taken without consulting the rest of the parties. So, the state of Qatar is committed to any agreement it’s in, and no step will be taken without consulting Iran.

Rob Schmitt explained, “This is where the fungible money comes into play. Clearly, Iran didn’t use any of this specific six billion to fund this Hamas attack, right? I mean, they haven’t even gotten their hands on it yet. So you can bet Qatar, a nation that gives Hamas safe haven, is probably going to allow Iran to get access to that money at some point because, technically, they didn’t break any rules. It’ll probably happen after all the noise settles down, we assume, but Qatar signaling something pretty bad right now.”


Additionally, no one is talking about the $10 billion Joe Biden gave Iraq to hold for Iran in June. That money is still available to them, and it is also fungible. No one is talking about the sanctions he lifted, which allow Iran to sell millions of barrels of oil to China.

As Rick Grenell said, “Bloomberg was reporting in August that the Biden administration was very proud of the thaw in relations with Iran. We’ve seen $80 billion in increased oil exports for Iran. They’re making a ton of money because the Biden administration has decided to look the other way compared to what the Trump administration did on squeezing them out of sanctions, particularly oil sanctions.”

Schmitt added: “That … the West has been awakened to a massive problem that most did not know existed. Apparently, the United States and Europe are filled with terrorist-sympathizing Nazis. The culprits appear to be immigrants or asylum seekers from Muslim majority nations joined by radically woke far left self-hating westerners; that’s the group that we’re seeing out in the streets right now.” [clip below]

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