Rachel Maddow, the CNN moonbat might leave MSNBC


Rachel Maddow “is considering leaving MSNBC when her contract ends next year” after telling of the personal toll of hosting the nightly show since 2008.

All that lying has to be a challenge.

A spokesperson for Endeavor, which represents Rachel Maddow, confirmed Maddow might leave.

It sounds like a negotiation.

Endeavor President Mark Shapiro said, “Nothing has been decided. We are deep into it with NBCUniversal and Rachel has an excellent relationship with them.”

She’s a far-left moonbat who fits in well at the National Bolshevik Corporation.

Maddow has been the face of the network for more than a decade.

The ‘Rachel Maddow Show’ started in 2008 and quickly became one of the network’s highest-profile shows for more than a decade.

She was a complete failure on her radio show prior to that.

She’s not likely to take a job with a rival network, the Daily Beast Reported; instead, she would look at opportunities in streaming and podcasting.

During her Monday night show, she told viewers that a two-week break that she took earlier this month was the longest vacation that she’s taken.

We definitely want her to have a lot of long vacations.

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