Racist Delta CEO demands photo ID to get on his planes


Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian is very unhappy about the “unacceptable” Georgia Election Integrity Act, and he told his employees just how disturbed he is by it.


On Wednesday, 72 black executives signed an open letter calling for American corporations to join the resistance. Wasting no time, on the same day, Delta CEO Ed Bastian did just that.

The bill is “unacceptable,”  and “does not match Delta’s values,” he told every employee.

“The right to vote is sacred,” Bastian wrote. “It is fundamental to our democracy and those rights not only need to be protected but easily facilitated in a safe and secure manner.” He called the idea an “excuse” used across the country to “restrict voting rights.”


It only restricts voting rights except for ineligible voters or scam artists. It came about because Democrats are pushing mail-in voting and there are several problems with the process. For one, there are no voter I.D. requirements. The new act tightens the rules in a very reasonable manner and requires photo I.D. The law closed up some loopholes, that’s all.

Bastian, clearly a hypocrite, requires a real, valid, photo I.D. for anyone getting on his planes. If you are over 18, you have to show valid identification to fly! (*unless, of course, you are an illegal alien). After the TSA throws away your water and shampoo, you must prove you are who you say you are.

Why isn’t Bastian condemning the TSA?

How dare the Delta CEO require customers show valid I.D.s to get on its planes! Why doesn’t he just throw open the doors to his airplanes and let just anyone and everyone on without any I.D. or any other security checks?

He must be a RAAACIST!


If he requires Black people to show I.D. like everyone else (except, of course, illegal aliens), isn’t he engaging in racism and preventing Black people from flying? Isn’t it restricting their rights?

Since Black people do fly all the time, can we now assume that they are just as capable as anyone else in obtaining I.D.?

By calling the Georgia voting law ‘unacceptable,’ he is proving he is a phony virtue-signaling, and pandering hypocrite who is actually insulting Black people by insinuating that they are too stupid to get I.D. like everyone else.

And what if someone shows up with a blatantly forged airplane ticket? Will his airline accept it and allow them to get on the plane? Wouldn’t it be hypocritical of him to have his employees stop them?

Wouldn’t his not allowing people to use forged tickets “restrict their right to fly” just like not accepting forged voting ballots “restricts the right to vote” according to his logic?

Ed Bastian is clearly a despicable coward. Cowardly people like Bastian are how our country falls.



  1. This naive fool is obvioulsly incapable and incompetent and should not be allowed to run a large airline or have anything to do with any transportation company. His actions illustrate he is of low intelligence, delusional, willing to fabricate rationalizations to justify illogical behavior and suffers from mental anxiety and incompetence. The Delta Board should fire him immediately. Delta passengers should not risk flying on an airline that is directed by an incompetent hypocrit and mentally disabled executive.

  2. Not all of these loudmouths jumping on the nonsensical bandwagon are leftist ideologues. Many of them are crass opportunists, seeking personal gain, whether financial or political. That’s how many of these people became CEOs.

  3. Executives signed to join the resistance? Could it be any more absurd?
    Are they oppressed and held down by the man?
    Did Bull Connor hose them off by the segregated fountain.
    Fundamentally destroyed with nothing left but the wrath.

  4. According to Delta CEO, voting integrity is racist. If that is the case, will Delta stop requiring to show photo ID to fly with Delta??

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