We are one bill away from becoming a socialist nation, the bill will cause “great damage”


‘Kudlow’ host Larry Kudlow on Wednesday warned that policymakers should be “careful what they wish for” when it comes to infrastructure, suggesting that President Biden’s massive bill will “re-build and re-inflate the swamp into a quagmire of central planning.”


“Folks, as I’ve said before, be careful what you wish for. Everyone thinks they love infrastructure: repairing bridges, roads, tunnels, schools, building out broadband, even investing in new technologies like AI and space and ultra-micro processing and so forth and so on. But, I don’t think the infrastructure crowd really bargained for President Biden’s massive expansion of federal government planning to rule over the economy.

“President Trump talked about draining the swamp. But President Biden wants to re-build and re-inflate the swamp into a quagmire of central planning. Mr. Biden is dreaming of LBJ’s Great Society and FDR’s New Deal. I’m dreaming of Tax Cuts by Harding, Coolidge and Mellon, which followed the catastrophic Spanish Flu of 1918. I dream of supply-side tax cuts sponsored by JFK and Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. I dream of deregulation, which rips tens of thousands of pages out of the federal register. So as you can see, we have competing visions here.”

Only about $650 billion of the bill goes to infrastructure. The rest of the bill is for full-blown socialist programs. Democrats (socialists/communists) plan to ram this thing through on reconciliation. The next bill, Part II, is all socialist.

We are one bill away from becoming socialists.


Kudlow also believes Biden’s tax cuts will cut off the supply side of the economy and do “great damage” to the U.S. if passed.




  1. Remember-we must move quickly. There is a reason Scranton Joe camped out in the basement while playing Mario Kart.
    The comrades are so full of hubris that they broadcast their Big Steal plans early in 2020.
    I have the greatest voter fraud team ever was a LOL! in your face moment by Beijing Biden.
    First we take Georgia then the world was another statement of intention comrade kommissar Schumer.
    The cure will be worse than the disease is another Freudian Slip by lunch pail Joe regarding the COV scam.
    The Plandemic worked too well on a soft weak populace of peace and safety drones as there was no push back and many embraced it like some Jonestown or Branch Davidian cult.
    We are one bill away from becoming a Satanic Abomination if we aren’t there already.

  2. The people we expected rightfully to protect us deliberately failed us. There is no one to stop the radical leftists. They have been waiting for this time to seize power, and America allowed it. This makes America a failed nation.

    Watch that despicable corrupt coward Mitch whine with his fake outrage as the senate democrats he enabled destroy America. There is no chance the current republican party saves America. To have Mitch as the “leader” of the party in congress is proof the party has no intention of saving us.

  3. This folks coul have been avoided if the coward “Benbedict Arnold” Pence had the courage to throw out the massive fraudulent elctoral votes of just Michigan, Georgia and Arizona and declared himself and Trump the winners of 2020. Yes, the Commies would have rioted, but Trump would have sent the military to put them down for good and we would not be facing a country controlled by ChiCom agents who worship Mao as their God. That this traitor shoul dhave the hubris to seek the presidency is beyond my comprehension.

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