Racist MLB might move All-Star game over voting law


The MLB is considering moving the All-Star game due to the [fair and reasonable] voting law passed in Georgia. Joe Biden, who is clearly the most socialist, anti-American president in U.S. history, is backing such a move.

As CBS notes, “MLB would have to immediately break contracts it has with hotels, the ticket distributor and other venues, and then start the process over again with officials in a different state.”

All this is to prove the MLB is opposed to reasonable voting laws and thinks minorities are too dumb to get voter I.D.s. The MLB is also too stupid to realize no one is to be starved or die of thirst waiting to vote.

The Braves are RACISTS! Black people can get photo I.D.s just as easily as anyone else. They are just as intelligent. Someone tell the Atlanta Braves and the MLB.

The insane idea is pushed by the far-far-left media. The LA Times was particularly enthusiastic about it.

As part of a commentary by a sports staff writer at the LA Times, Bill Shaikin, wrote: Not with a statement full of carefully crafted words, but with decisive action. If Georgia persists in pursuing laws that will make it harder to vote, and disproportionately so in Black communities, MLB should move the 2021 All-Star game out of Atlanta.

So, what he is saying is Black people are too dumb to get voter I.D.s. In other words, he and the LA Times are racists.

Shaikin continued: There was no vast fraud in the November election. President Trump’s attorney general said so. His election security chief said so, and his agency called the election “the most secure in history.” Georgia’s secretary of state said so.

That’s ridiculous, how would they know? People mailing in didn’t present proper I.D.s but ignore that.

The law wasn’t written for that reason. It was written because, at the last minute, rules were changed and everyone could vote by mail. There were ZERO photo ID requirements for the process. Georgia needed to update its laws.

Another sport is about to be ruined by the Leftists.

If the MLB is serious, they must eliminate the Atlanta Braves entirely as Jon Gabriel has said. They could change their name to the Atlanta Kneelers. Let’s move them to China with the NBA.

On Wednesday night, President Biden said he would “strongly support” moving the baseball All-Star game set for July 13 in Atlanta. “This is Jim Crow on steroids, what they’re doing in Georgia,” Biden said. The president has consistently misstated what is in the Georgia law. As Karl Rove outlines here, Biden has leveled three specific accusations against the law, and all three are false.

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