Racist principal/professor calls for full white abolition


The hard-left Democrats, who now control the Democrat Party, are delegitimizing any appreciation of a majority-white culture. When they talk about white supremacy, they are referring to the white majority in this country who aren’t Democrats, and it could be any white person who is traditional in any way.

White leftists want the culture destroyed, as is clear to most by now.

A Principal of an East Side community school in New York allegedly sent parents a “tool for action” a while back. It’s important in that it exemplifies the thinking on the hard-left.

The principal, Barnor Hesse, comes from the University of Essex, served as an Assoc. Professor at Northwestern University, and as an adjunct at Columbia. He’s prominent, not just anyone. Unsurprisingly, he’s in or was in the African studies department at Northwestern.

He has a whiteness chart with definitions of the various ‘white types’ that is thoroughly racist. However, the Left wants you to believe no one can ever be racist against whites because some white people enslaved black people in the past.

The racists don’t want to be governed by whites who only governed because they are the majority.

By his account, if you’re white, you can’t value or preserve your history, the same history that made this country great. It goes on from there to his goal for all whites — become a white traitor and then dismantle all of our institutions.

Telling white people they are nothing but a negative and must give up whiteness is very offensive.

Apparently, this has been on the Internet for a couple of years. It is more of the very evil Critical Race Theory.

The author Barnor Hesse obviously hates white people. Reporter Christopher Rufo, who is attempting to expose Critical Race Theory for what it is, republished it.

“He put his Twitter account to private, but his last tweet was saying the snow cover in Chicago is a symbol of white supremacy. Top quality academic insights!,” said Christopher Ruffo, a researcher who is focused on school choice and Critical Race Theory.

All whites fall into one of these categories, Hesse states:


They say he’s a thought leader, but most would say he’s just an ordinary hate-filled racist.



  1. A few eggs have to get broken on the way to Wakanda.
    It will be a glorious utopia free of those whitey cracka devils.
    Forward! Yes we can…be Zimbabwe.

  2. I spend 9 years working in African and African Culture is bankrupt. Without the modern technology supplied to Africa by White Westerners, Africans would still be living in caves and being lunch for lions. Africans were enslaved instead of being slaughtered out of existence by Muslims because of White Europeans. Muslims who were taking over North Africa in the 1500s and 1600s wanted European manufactured goods. Without “money” or Gold, they traded conquered Slaves instead of just massacring them. Most of the Blacks in America who’s bloodline dates to the early days of slavery in North America, under British rule, wouldn’t even have a bloodline if it wasn’t for slavery. Slavery is a terrible thing, but I would think preferable to genocide! That was the way of the world 400 years ago. Trying to hold White People accountable for what happened generations ago is just insane.

    I’ve lived in Africa. If America’s Blacks really think Black Culture is so great, I suggest that they either move to Africa or learn to be “American”. It’s Blacks who need to clean up the Crime and Illiteracy in their communities. Asians and even the Irish have overcome oppression in the early days of America. At this point, I have to ask if Blacks are up to the Task and capable of functioning in modern American culture? It’s well past the time for Blacks in America to stop whining, get educated, conform to Law & Order, and EARN your place in America Society like the rest of us have to. I’m also sick and tired of my Black friends who have earned their place in society being called “Uncle Tom” by Blacks without a pot to piss in on welfare.

  3. I’m #9. White Apathetic – After years of watching blacks shooting and killing each other, I could care less what they think of me.

  4. While in Africa I met and worked with many black people. One day I observed a black fellow chasing a rabbit.

    He caught the animal. I remarked how fast he was. He said it was because of the lions. ” If you couldn’t out run the lions , you would like this rabbi” and he held it up.

  5. I find this man to be extremely insecure and delusional. Yes he’s a racist too but his lack of self esteem makes him do things like saying white people are superior to everyone else. If he didn’t think that way he never could have come up with a list of 7 ways to hate yourself and one way to redeem yourself by hating who you are. He’s searching for other people who also hate themselves to join him. It’s a tragedy that he is in an influential position but that’s New York for you. He’s going to die an angry bitter man. He’s a young Farrakhan.

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