Racist woman who called Latino traffic cop a “murderer,” is identified


Update: She is no longer teaching at that particular college. Hopefully, she doesn’t ever teach again.

Bill Melugin is the reporter for FoxLA who first picked up the story of a racist black woman who called a Latino cop a “Mexican racist” and a “murderer,” among other racist and offensive comments because he planned to ticket her for texting while driving.

One network did show her face and her name appears to be Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins:

The driver was identified by hundreds of social media users and TB Daily News as Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu.

She has also gone by the name, Kalunda Jenkins, according to multiple sources.

Iwamizu was telling the truth when she said she was a teacher in the video – it turned out she is an assistant professor of English at Los Angeles Southwest College.

This was the original tweet:

This is interesting:



  1. Some are a little more racist than others.
    You’re never gonna be white, well duh and there is no magic soil. (racist!)

  2. The woman also filed a false report against the cop and should be Tried and Jailed for filing a false police report.

  3. She got her Masters Degree in Racial Racketeering at Al Sharpton University, where she was voted Valedictorian and her Bachelor’s Degree in Victimization Studies at Maxine Waters Community College! and completed certification courses in Neo-Liberal Shitheel Studies at Oprah College!

    • That was after her tenure at California University of New Technology was revoked. But she still wears her C.U.N.T sweatshirt around….extra large, of course.

  4. II can’t believe that she still has a job after the RANT on the Sheriff’s Deputy….She should be FIRED..doesn’t say much for the college she work for or the people she works for. She is a disgrace!Being a retired LEO [ 32 years ] I would like to commend the Deputy….I don’t know if I wold have been  so nice!

  5. Contacted West Los Angeles College and was told she worked there in 2016, left for a fulltime position at Southwest Los Angeles college until 2017. Her name was still in the staff directory but hasn’t worked in the Los Angeles college system since the end of Spring 2017. I don’t know if she still teaches but I certainly hope she is no longer in the classroom.

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