Former prosecutor Sidney Powell says we are living under a Communist totalitarian regime


During her appearance on Rose Unplugged this week, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell said we are living under a Communist totalitarian regime.

Sidney Powell blasted the corrupt Justice Department for raiding Giuliani’s New York City apartment. She noted that they did so while ignoring Hunter Biden’s hard drive and other crimes.

They also went over the abuse of an Alaskan couple who were completely disoriented and concerned that they have no civil liberties. She said the administration “turned it into a Gestapo state.”

“It is horrific. Everything is horrific right now,” she said.

“The world is upside down because this country is upside down,” Powell said “They’re feeding lies to the American people every single day. Just the fact that they’re saying Biden is president is a lie because we still got to resolve the election issue.”

She said she came to the realization that we have only one party. Powell backed it up with an example.

As she said, we have propaganda, not a free press.  She went into the need for a transparent voting system. Without it, we don’t have a rule of law. For anyone to fight transparency now, they are “fraudsters,” and they are part of the problem.

Sidney Powell continued, “We are living under a Communist totalitarian regime. If the voting machine companies had nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be hiding anything.”


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