Lincoln Project Falls on the Sword After McAuliffe Nazi Scheme Fails


The Lincoln Project now claims they are the group that set up the kiki torch white supremacist scheme in front of the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia Glenn Youngkin campaign bus. Two of the fake Nazis were possibly paid actors and others were campaign workers for Terry McAuliffe, the Democrats leftist running for governor, or for the party itself.

The McAuliffe campaign spent the day yesterday spreading the fake news that Youngkin’s supporters are white supremacists.

Twitter user and influencer “Jewish Deplorable” uncovered the identity of one of the group — the former or current finance director of the Virginia Young Democrats, and one of the Virginia Democrats at George Mason University.

Alec Sears then identified the sole female member of the group as Colleen Wachenfeld. Her twitter originally stated that she is part of the Virginia Democrats.

Jen Goodman, a communications director for the McAuliffe campaign initially promoted the stunt, saying on Twitter: “This is disgusting and disqualifying.

An NBC ‘News’ reporter, Elizabeth Holmes, kept blasting it out without one tinge of cynicism. To say she’s not a ‘journalist’ is an understatement.


McAuliffe’s campaign has denied their role in the group’s appearance, stating: “The Democratic Party of Virginia, along with its coordinated partners and its affiliates, did not have any role in the events that happened outside of the Youngkin campaign bus stop today.”

“What happened in Charlottesville four years ago was a tragedy and one of the darkest moments in our state’s recent memories and is an event not to be taken lightly,” the McAuliffe statement continued. “For anyone to accuse our staff to have a role in this event is shameful and wrong.”

That last paragraph is also a fraud. Antifa and Black Lives Matter went to Charlottesville to start trouble knowing there was a right-wing rally planned. Democrats, including Joe Biden, then lied and still lie about what Donald Trump said about the rally. They accused him of supporting neo-Nazis.

It’s highly unlikely McAuliffe didn’t know. He has plausible deniability with The Lincoln Project falling on their sword. However, they had spread the lie all day long after Twitter uncovered the operatives responsible.

Carpetbagger McAuliffe was a Clinton campaign worker and was known for sleazy tactics. When he ran last time, he pretended most of his money came from Virginians, but most came from outside Virginia. He’s a congenital liar who once said he would do anything for a check.

Back to yesterday’s events. The Lincoln Project still pretends they are conservative Republicans, which is truly insane.

The Lincoln Project has given ZERO to Republicans and blames Trump. They give to the hardcore leftists. These people are perverts, crooks, and opportunists.

They have given nearly $300,000 to McAuliffe, a very far-left candidate, and ZERO to Republicans.

Look at the amount of money McAuliffe has collected. The Left is trying to buy the election. Mcauliffe’s collected it from hardcore Left unions, Planned Parenthood abortionists, corporations, George Soros, gun grabbers, climate extremists, here or below.



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