Radical Leftist Janet Yellen Says Gas Isn’t That High, Peasants


Overpaid Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who probably isn’t paying for her gas, says gas prices really aren’t that high. The fact that it’s killing the economy seems to have escaped her notice. She doesn’t care about Americans not being able to pay their bills. Yellen only cares about ideology. Americans are collateral damage.

She thinks this isn’t like the ‘70s but some say it’s much worse.

“In the 1970s, a series of supply shocks became a longer run problem … that partly occurred because policymakers weren’t trusted by the public to deal effectively with inflation,” Yellen said during an interview with Bianna Golodryga for “Amanpour,” set to air Wednesday at 2 pm ET on CNN International.

“But I certainly see no evidence that that’s the case now,” the Treasury Secretary added.


Yellen spoke to Golodryga from the COP26 conference in Glasgow. She said she was impressed by the climate commitments so far made by big banks and asset management companies.

Did they have a choice but to go along with this ESG-style commitment? Climate change is being used to overturn capitalism.

Yellen has to know that the ESG movement is intended to destroy the oil and gas industry. One of the purposes of ESG is to force investors away from the fossil fuel industry.

She says it isn’t creating problems. The problem, according to Yellen, is we haven’t moved away from fossil fuels fast enough.

“I don’t think that the ESG movement and the emphasis on climate change is creating the problems that we have,” Yellen told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Friday morning when asked if investors need to rethink their stance on fossil fuels. “If anything, the problem is that we haven’t moved as rapidly as we should have.”

This is the opposite of reality.


“ESG” refers to an investment strategy that considers environmental, social, and governance concerns when investing in companies. It will steer capital away from the fossil fuel industry and toward renewable technologies. The strategy ignores what people want and need in favor of leftist climate ideology.


The Treasury Secretary is also very enthusiastic about the planned 15% minimum global corporate tax.

“I’m hopeful, and I fully expect that it will become law and we will then be in compliance with the global minimum tax,” Yellen said.

She’s a globalist who will say anything and does as long as it pushes the far-left agenda.


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