Rand Paul’s Great Find — Crummibus Spending Does Fund Border Walls


Senator Rand Paul appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss Paul Ryan’s Omnibus spending bill. He discussed the Republicans’ campaign platform and what they do once they are elected. About the spending bill, he made a stunning statement.

“I’m flipping through the pages today reading the bill,” he said. “I find out there is money for border security… in Tunisia and Jordan! We have border security money in the Middle East but not border security money in the U.S.”

The spending bill doesn’t fund the concrete wall in the U.S. however, and, in fact, has language that prevents the concrete wall from being built. It is a massive spending bill which does increase military spending but also funds the leftist agenda fully. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been out bragging about it. Schumer said Democrats have gotten more than when they had the presidency and the majority.

The Senate voted for passage in the middle of the night with a 65-32 vote.


Rand Paul tweeted as he read through the bill although he said there is no way he could read the entire bill in time. He was tweeting right up until the vote with no small measure of fun sarcasm.

Here are a few of his FINDS but you can go to his twitter feed to read them all and find out what’s in the bill becaus these congressmen haven’t read it and don’t have a clue.



  1. Apparently Planned Parenthood is fully funded. Schumer and Democrats’ continued legacy no doubt. Huge pledge made by POTUS Trump thwarted.

  2. I suspect Ryan and McConnell conned Trump into signing the bill for the sole purpose of destroying his support by the public. I am convinced that every Republican in Congress who says Mueller should continue are the same ones who want Trump gone, and the sooner the better. We know ALL the Democrats would vote for impeachment and the more support Trump loses then Republicans will “join with” those Democrats. Consider the fact that Mueller is even investigating the current policies being implemented by Trump. THIS will be used against Trump in a case of a “Manchurian Candidate”. In the end you “may” have a dozen in the House and half that in the Senate who would still stand with Trump. I wouldn’t have imagined it but Now I do believe there is a good chance Trump will be impeached within a year.

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