Randi Weingarten Lied to Congress About Reopening Schools


Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), kept children out of school during the COVID pandemic. Weingarten admitted that she knew remote learning wasn’t a substitute for in-school learning.

Gaslighting Randi is now saying it wasn’t her fault and claims she wanted schools reopened. If her actions weren’t so damaging to children, I’d laugh.

As usual, Lockdown Randi locked down replies to her tweet video (see below) so no one sees negative comments about her.

In the video she published, she claims she wanted kids back in school. She also insists that certain ‘safety’ protocols had to be met before students could return to in-person learning. The protocols were expensive, unrealistic, and agenda-driven, and she never stopped moving the goalposts.

It was impossible. She was impossible.

Randi caters to fDemocrats who give a lot of money to her organization. Her organization then gives lots of money to their campaigns if they support her demands.

In the clip, she shows her empty comments from May 3, 2020, through September 24, 2021, claiming the schools needed to reopen. She left out all the roadblocks she erected during those times.

Remember how she was responsible for the authoritarian guidelines the CDC published. The woman made it impossible to get rid of masks with “off-ramps” that didn’t exist. As a result, children weren’t developing empathy. From masking, to distancing, to acceptable community spread metrics, and extreme quarantines, to exorbitant money requests for left-wing programs, and demanding peer-reviewed studies that didn’t exist, she made it impossible. While she doesn’t make the rules, Biden agencies let her make the rules.

The democrat-teacher’s union relationship is incestuous, and it’s the children who suffer. I had a union leader once tell me he is only there for the teachers, and schools are for the teachers, not the children.

Back to Randi. She misled Congress [lied] and will be applauded for it and her Democrat party will protect her.

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