Rapist in MD Illegally Released on Bond Despite ICE Detainer


Montgomery County is a Democrat sanctuary county that protects illegal alien criminals, including rapists. A county jail released Rodrigo Castro-Montejo, 25 on August 10th despite an official request by ICE to keep him in custody so he could be turned over to federal agents.

Rodrigo Castro-Montejo, 25, was charged with second-degree rape and second-degree assault, according to WJLA-TV.

Montgomery County Detention Center released the accused on bond last week because they protect people like this. We wouldn’t want to lose good ole Rodrigo.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say they had filed on Aug. 12th  for the jail to hold the accused for 48 hours but the request was disregarded less than 24 hours later, Fox News reported.

The county tried to say they attempted to make contact with a local department official about the detainer but received no response.

These sanctuary locales always blame ICE or whoever.

Castro-Montejo, a Salvadoran national residing illegally in Orlando, Florida was at a wedding in Maryland and spent time with an old friend who became drunk. She passed out but came to as she was being raped by Montejo.

The victim mediately reported the incident and submitted to a forensic examination.

Montejo admitted he raped the victim and apologized. He even described it and apologized again, hoping it wouldn’t ruin their friendship.

According to ICE, Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation had reached out to just one — reportedly “off duty” — employee before disregarding the order. The department suggests a “good faith” effort was not made, and that this may have been a deliberate attempt to undermine its detainer, which described several means of contact.

Why didn’t they just hold the man if they had a detainer? How is that an excuse?

WTTG reported Montgomery County mandates no county agency cooperate in federal immigration efforts.

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