Rashida faces ethics probes over $$$ she took from the campaign


Rashida Tlaib, famous for MFer chants, is facing ethics probes for money she ‘frantically” requested from her congressional campaign to defray personal expenses. A government watchdog said she might have violated federal law.

The House Ethics Committee on Thursday released internal campaign communications sent in 2018 in which the Michigan Democratic Rep. urgently requested money from her congressional campaign to pay her bills, Fox News reported.

The documents are tied to ongoing ethics probes into the angry congresswoman. The probes are being expanded. It couldn’t happen to a meaner person.

Her campaign allegedly “reported campaign disbursements that may not be legitimate and verifiable campaign expenditures attributable to bona fide campaign or political purposes.” If true, she probably violated House rules and federal law.

Here Are a Few Examples of Her Communications

In one April 2018 email offered as an exhibit by OCE, Tlaib wrote that she was “struggling financially right now” and was “sinking.” She continued: “So I was thinking the campaign could loan me money, but Ryan said that the committee could actually pay me. I was thinking a one time payment of $5k.”

In another email, on April 4, 2018, Tlaib wrote: “I am just not going to make it through the campaign without a stipend.”

“With the loss of a second income to lean back on,” she wrote. “I am requesting $2,000 per two weeks but not exceeding $12,000. The cost of living stipend is going towards much needed expenses due to campaigning that includes car maintenance, child care and other necessities. Please let me know if I can proceed.”

She’s Quite Something


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Mad Celt
Mad Celt
4 years ago

Nothing will come of it because there’s one law for us and another for the crooks inhabiting the halls of government.

4 years ago
Reply to  Mad Celt

At least, those crooks with a Magic (D) after their names.

4 years ago

Evil RASHida is a virulent pustule filled rash of irrational anger and hate. If you can’t afford to run for office then stick to your day job and take care of your own kids. I’d trust a billionaire who becomes a president and gives his salary to charity far and above a politician that becomes a millionaire after being elected, and definitely over some schmuck who has money management issues. Woman you don’t belong in congress or a habib you belong in a body condom so the rest of us don’t have to see, smell, or hear your rancid mouth.