Reactions to CO ruling: From It’s KGB Tactics to It’s a Trick


“RIPDon” is trending on X as the Left sees the Colorado ruling to keep Donald Trump off the ballot for president in 2024 as the game-changer. The reactions from politicians were varied, with nothing coming from Mitch McConnell and John Thune.

If they won’t stand up for the Constitution, why are they in Republican leadership? You don’t have to like Donald Trump to know this is wrong. The Civil War-era 14th Amendment, provision 3, does not apply to a president.

In any case, there was no insurrection. Yet, our Senate leadership can’t seem to object.

The former Chicago mayor made a strong statement, saying he was also a victim of the weaponized system.

Former Democrat Chicago Mayor Rod Blagojevich said Colorado’s top court has become a political organization and called it KGB Soviet-style police state politics.

Democrat candidate for president Dean Phillips oddly believes the riot on J6 was an insurrection. However, he also believes this decision needs to be overturned immediately, Politico reported.

“Do I believe Trump is guilty of inspiring an insurrection and doing nothing to stop it? I was there. Absolutely,” the Minnesota Democrat posted on X, formerly Twitter. ”Do I believe it’s wrong to ban him from the ballot in Colorado without a conviction? Absolutely. Do I believe the SCOTUS must opine immediately? Absolutely.”

GOP candidate for president Vivek Ramaswamy put out a powerful video stating he would not appear on the ballot unless Trump is restored.

Candidate Chris Christie condemned the Colorado supreme court ruling, “Donald Trump should not be prevented from being President by any court.”

“Donald Trump should not be prevented from being President by any court. He should be prevented from being President of the United States by the voters of this country.”

Nikki Haley, the warmonger candidate for president, said, “I don’t think President Trump should be president. I think I should be president…Having said that, I will defeat him fair and square. No judges need to decide who can and can’t be on the ballot.”

Gov. DeSantis made a statement that probably continues his losing message with Make America Great Republicans.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said he won’t pull out of the running in Colorado if Trump’s eligibility is not restored.

Gov. DeSantis thinks it’s a trick, a tactic.

He emphasized that it will likely be reversed. DeSantis thinks the Left is doing this to help Trump to win the primary and then weigh down his campaign with constant lawsuits.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 months ago

Reactions, and lack thereof, speak a thousand words. It is posturing. They all know the ruling was legally and ethically improper. Notice Haley does not impugn the court, instead plays the fighter. RDS came up with a twisted version of what happened, as if the leftist court is trying to help Trump. It seems he is not happy with all the persecution of Trump, since it moves Trump higher. Mitch and his corrupt gang were long ago defined. They will never go after the corrupt system.