Real reasons President Trump won’t rename confederate-named Army bases


Republican senators on the Armed Services Committee voted to strip Confederate generals’ names from Army bases behind closed doors in a voice vote.

The White House tweeted threats to veto the legislation.


These are Americans who died

President Trump announced Wednesday that he ‘will not even consider’ renaming American military bases that were named after Confederate leaders

He said the 10 Army bases in question were ‘part of a Great American Heritage’ and referred to them as ‘Hallowed Grounds.’

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany reiterated his point calling it disrespectful to service members to assume they were ‘inherently racist’

But later in the evening, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to tell the Pentagon to remove the names within three years.

Insults people who served from those bases

Kayleigh McEnany later said the White House won’t do it since it is an insult to people who had served abroad to rename bases that they left from when they went overseas.

The 10 bases are named for a group that includes slave owners, officers who left the U.S. Army to join the rebels, and at least one general who ordered the execution of unarmed prisoners. That is according to the media.

The left is purging our history and making us ashamed because of the mistakes made by Americans from a different time. The left hates America and they are purging our history.

At the same time, Speaker Pelosi, exploiting the opportunity for political gain, wants confederate statues removed from Congress.

President Trump said, “Our history as the Greatest Nation in the World will not be tampered with. Respect our Military!”

We are undergoing a purge of our history, literature, art, and culture, in general, by the hard left and therein lies the problem.

It’s ignoring history

It’s military history

The media leaves out his reasoning and they claim the Republicans are abandoning Trump.

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