Reasoning with rioters gets you, “we’ll burn your stuff down too”


Kenosha, Tuesday night, two days after the shooting of Jacob Blake

A man stopped his vehicle to talk to ‘protesters’ in Kenosha on Tuesday night and asked them not to destroy people’s businesses, taking away their livelihoods. The result was they threatened to burn his stuff down too.

“What y’all don’t understand is that people have their lives in these businesses too,” a man in a truck pleaded.

“So what?” a woman yelled back. “We pay for that! We pay for that!”

They do?

“So what, just because y’all are too scared to go deal with the cops y’all are just going burn the whole town?” the man said in response.

“Yes!” the woman yelled back. “Yes!”

“Yeah and then y’all got maced and s**t like that and y’all took off,” the man said. “Take your issues up with them,” he said, pointing to the police.

Someone messed with his truck and he got out with a baton. The crowd of rioters then screamed at him to go.

“Bye, have a nice day,” someone said.

The man responded, “Go ahead, do my business, I don’t give a f**k. Come on up.”

A woman in the crowd then responded: “We’ll burn your stuff down too. We’ll burn it down too.”


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